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Are you tired of paying quite a huge amount in the saloon? Do you want a permanent affordable solution that you can use at your home? Bonnet’s hair dryers offer quick home do it yourself solution for your hair for your everyday needs.

Just like other hair products, bonnet hair dryer is available in various brands and prices. It is essential that you choose the one which suits your needs the best and comes in your budget. Not all high priced dryer are good and not all low priced range hair dryer break after a month. Choosing hair dryer can be a tiresome task, and you definitely don’t want to end up paying more or getting completely ripped off. To avoid wastage of your time by going to the market personally and selecting yourself, We have compiled a list of the best bonnet hair dryer available in the market along with a guide that educates the customer on what to look for when buying a hairdryer.

Here Is the List:

1. Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, Purple With White Bonnet

Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer Purple with White Bonnet
Showing a ionic soft bonnet dryer by Laila Ali

Weight: 3.8 Pounds

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, Purple with White Bonnet is undoubtedly one of the best soft bonnet hair dryer available on the market. It is ionic in nature which basically means when the dryer forces air to your hair it gets charged by negative ions which then helps your hair to dry more quickly. So if you are in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time to dry your hair, then this is an excellent option for you.

To suit everyone needs, this hair dryer is equipped with three main heat settings as well as a fresh option for styling purposes. This hair dryer also features various speed settings. With so many personal customisation features and setting you can style your hair the way you want. From hair braids to chemical and conditional treatments, this hair dryer has got you covered. Usually, hair dryers remove moisture from your hair while blowing air through your hair which causes hair breakage and harms your hair quality. What Laila Ali hair dryer does is uses is ionic technology which helps your hair to retain some amount of moisture on your hair which prevents hair breakage and results in healthier and shinning hairstyles. The soft bonnet is adjustable and has more than enough space to accommodate two large sets rollers which you can use to create loose curls and waves in no time.

This hair dryer is convenient and portable. If you are a person who travels a lot and need a quality hair dryer at all times , Laila Ali Hair dryer should be the perfect option. It also fits well into a small suitcase. This hair dryer comes in a compact storage case which holds the entire unit including power cord which makes it easy to pack and travel. Laila Ali hair dryer works like a charm when needed but it the hose gets hot from time to time. Putting a wet towel around your neck should do the trick. The hose of the hair dryer is quite short makes it tough to move around. The weight of the hair dryer is about 3.8 pounds.


  • Lonic technology
  • 3-speed heat and cool settings to set your hair exactly the way you want
  • Affordable price range


  • The length of the hosepipe is not long enough making it tough to move around
  • The hose gets hot after using continuously for a while

Overall Assessment

With a variety of settings for your hair and ionic technology, Laila Ali LADR5604 hits number one spot on our list.


2. Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer, White

Conair pro style collapsible bonnet hair dryer
Showing a style collapsible bonnet hair dryer by Conair Pro

Weight: 8 pounds

Conair Pro Style bonnet hair dryer has two heat settings. The high heat and high-speed configuration is rated at 1,875 watts which is quite high and is used to dry out of the shower extremely wet hair. The low heat and low-speed settings are powered at 800 watts which is great for drying your hair and make it feel more natural.

The low setting is also good for better safety and synthetic pieces in your hair. This dryer features adjustable height for better comfort. Weighing over 8 pounds, this dryer is a bit heavier as compared to other bonnet hair dryer. This dryer is very loud when blowing air to your hair. However, you can use noise cancellation headphones in the dryer to reduce the noise significantly. If you are looking for a hairdryer who does not make a lot of noise and can’t bare noise, this dryer is not for you. This dryer is very durable and can last years if it’s taken care properly. When in high heat and speed settings, the forehead can get a little burnt. You can solve this problem by putting a towel on your forehead while using the dryer.

This dryer offers extra space in the hood for rollers, so if you are a person who uses a lot of rollers, then this dryer should be the perfect option.


  • Adjustable height makes it a good option for people with all heights
  • Extra room for rollers
  • Two speed and heat settings


  • Very loud but nothing too crazy

Overall Assessment

Overall, another great addition to the list.


3. Hot Tools Professional 800 Watt Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer, Black & White

Hot tools ionic soft bonnet hair dryer
Showing a ionic soft bonnet hair dryer by Hot Tools

Hot tools use ionic airflow technology which dries your hair rapidly without any hair damage. This technology allows your hair to retain some minor amount of moisture which results in healthier and shinier looking hair. This dryer is designed by keeping the ethnic customer in mind. This dryer comes with basically four main heat settings – low-medium-high and style hair. The high setting might burn your skin, make sure that you wrap a towel around your neck and protect your face with some protective mask.

The product weighs just 4.2 pounds which makes it easy to move around in the house. No product is perfect, Hot tools Professional bonnet hair dryer also suffers from some design flaws. The host of the dryer is very short which can be a deal breaker for the buyer. If you are a person who does not need long hose then this flaw shouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you like your hose long and want to adjust a lot then this hot tools dryer is not the best option for you.


  • Very Lightweight, can be moved around the house with no difficulty
  • Uses Ionic technology to retain moisture in hair
  • Specially designed for the ethnic customer


  • The hose is ridiculously short

Overall Assessment

You might want to look for other choices.


4. Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt High Heat Portable Salon Dryer

Hot tools tourmaline tools professional ionic portable salon dryer
Showing a professional ionic portable salon dryer by Hot Tools

“Spectacular” would be the one word you would speak after using Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt High Heat Portable Salon Dryer. This hair dryer comes with direct ion technology. The 1875 watt dryer drys your hair 50% faster. If you want a quick styling before hitting work or don’t like to invest a lot of time styling your hair, then this dryer can do wonders for you. The penetrating tourmaline nanoparticles commonly generate piercing far-infrared energy which helps to dry cortex (interior) without draining the exterior too much which ultimately prevents your hair from brittleness and cracking which then keeps your hair soft, smooth and healthy. This also helps to clean your hair from impurities and odours. The negatively charged ions leave the cuticles silky and softer by further breaking down the water, which makes it easier to absorb droplets. The adjustable height settings is perfect in the hair dryer which it makes it an ideal choice for all heights of people.

Also, Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools is very easy to set up. It just takes only 5 minutes to set it up completely. If you are not a fan of complicated setup and reading manuals which takes forever to set up, this hair dryer

This hair dryer is also great for deep conditioning treatments that require heat. Weighing over 16 pounds, Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools can be heavy to move around.

The adjustable front visor and large adjustable bonnet can contain even the largest of the hair rollers. If you happen to use a large roller to style your hair, you will fall in love with this dryer in no time.


  • Essentially takes 5 minutes to set it up
  • Very durable, can work without a problem for years
  • Dries your hair 50% faster


  • Can be a bit pricey for some people

Overall Assessment

Overall another great option with great features perfect for thick long and other types of hair.


5. Deluxe Pink Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachments

Deluxe pink softhood bonnet hair dryer attachments
Shows a woman with a pink softhood bonnet hair dryer by Hair Flair

Deluxe Pink Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer was rightfully awarded NaturallyCurly Editors Choice Award for best styling tool in 2015. If this doesn’t speak volume about the quality of the product, I don’t know what does!. The hood capacity is enormous in this dryer; you can comfortably fit a generous amount of rollers, velcros, and curlformers with eas. Deluxe Pink Softhood Hair dryer is primarily an attachment to various types of hair dryers.

It weighs only 7.3 ounces which makes it very lightweight and travel-friendly. If you are looking for an extremely light and quality portable solution, this hair dryer attachment is an ideal choice for you. This attachment features adjustable chin strap and a side-located drawstring which ensures that it stays in fixed place without any problem. This attachment offers over 120 ventilation holes which are strategically placed on the hood and drum of the hair dryer. With the help of this, the heat is distributed evenly throughout your hair which reduces the concentration of heat at one spot which damages your hair.

This attachment does not come with hair dryer, you need to either buy a separate blow dryer or you should have one already to start using the attachment.


  • very lightweight and great portability
  • Very affordable price range
  • Remarkable hood capacity which can accommodate a considerable number of rollers with ease


  • It’s just an attachment which means it doesn’t come with a blow dryer

Overall Assessment

The best thing about this attachment is that it comes at an insanely low price range. If you are not satisfied with your current hair dryer and want an upgrade, this is the just perfect solution for your needs. Also if you travel a lot and want something to for styling your hair, Deluxe Pink Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment can be taken anywhere with ease and be used on any hair dryer, making it a superb travel companion.


6. Venus Plus Bonnet Hair Dryer

Venus plus bonnet hair dryer
Showing a bonnet hair dryer by Venus Plus

Venus Plus salon hair dryer has been considered industry gold standard for saloons and parlours for all the right reasons. This hard bonnet hair dryer has a classic hair dryer look. The stainless steel used in the construction of the dryer is very quality and is exceptionally durable which means it’s going to last a long time. Costing an above average price range, this bad boy is worth each penny.

Now, that we have taken a look at the best bonnet hair dryer available on the market, Its time to understand what components should you look for while looking for one. A bonnet hair dryer should be light in weight and style your hair quickly without damaging your hair. It is crucial to understand your needs before choosing bonnet hair dryer. The only downside of this product is that it doesn’t get very hot. If you have thin hair, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you have very thick hair, it may take awhile to dry. Venus Plus salon hair dryer features 980-watt heating element which heats up to 140 F. This hair dryer also offers 60 min timer, dial settings for your hairs perm processing cycles and 2 min cool down cycle. Weighing over 10 pounds, it is a bit heavy as compared to its competitors but shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t plan to move around a lot around the house or saloon.


  • Made from top-notch quality stainless steel
  • Fantastic durability
  • Built to last
  • Fits well with most dryer chairs


  • Is quite heavy
  • Can be a bit pricey for some people

Overall Assessment

It is without a doubt one of the best hard bonnet hair dryer available.


7. Pro Versa JHBD100 Salon Style Hard Bonnet Folding Hair Dryer, White

Pro versa salon style hard bonnet folding hair dryer
Showing a salon style hard bonnet hair dryer by Pro Versa

Pro Versa JHBD100 Salon Style is another incredible hair dryer on this list. Incredibly powerful and convenient are the two words that describe this hair dryer the best. This hair dryer has four heat settings-low, medium, high and very high which means this hair dryer is suitable for all types of hair. This hair dryer makes styling curling or even drying your hair effortless with its 1875-watts of power. It also offers a built-in tourmaline ionizer which keeps your hair and shiny and reduces drying time significantly.

What differentiates Pro Versa JHBD100 Salon Style Hard Bonnet dryer to other hard bonnet dryer is that it very travel-friendly. You can take it anywhere with you without any problem. If you are looking for hard bonnet dryer but want a travel-friendly solution, Pro Versa JHBD100 Salon Style Hard Bonnet dryer should be an ideal choice. It also delivers ‘Triple-Fin’ strut on its base for increased stability against tipping while using. The very hot setting is extremely hot and can damage your hair. The medium settings should be enough for even the thickest hair. It is not adjustable which means it can’t be lowered or raised which can be a deal breaker for some people.


  • Features 4 heat settings
  • Maximum stability against tipping
  • 1875-watts of power
  • Travel-friendly
  • Can be folded into half making it compact
  • Affordable price range
  • Very durable and is built to last for a long time


  • The very hot settings can cause damage

Overall Assessment

This product is a must buy ladies it works well it’s a great product to buy


Factors to Consider While Choosing a Bonnet Hair Dryer

Hair dryer comes in various size and shapes. Each type serves a different purpose. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what are your needs and budget. Before buying hair dryer you need to ask some questions to yourself like, How often will you use the dryer?, Do you want to use it just at your home or while travelling? What kind of hair do you have? Are you going to use it for styling and curls or just drying your hair? What is your budget? After answering some of the of these question you might have a decent idea about your needs.

Now that you have an honest idea about your needs, you can read further and see what fulfils your requirements the best.

Identify Your Hair Type

Do you have dry hair? or do you have extremely super thick hair which takes a long time to dry?

Knowing your hair type can be beneficial when buying bonnet hair dryer. After all, you are the one who is going to be using the dryer. If you have thick hair which takes a long time to get dry, it is vital that you buy a dryer with high watt power otherwise you are going to end up wasting a lot of time drying your hair every day with low watt power dryer.

Thin hair requires less amount of heat to dry, so less watt power dryer would just work fine.

Heat Settings

Different types of hair require different heat settings. Thick hair requires higher settings of heat as compared to thin hair.

The more heat pressure settings the dryer offers, the better. You definitely don’t wanna be stuck with either too hot which can damage your hair or too cold which takes eons to style or dry your hair completely. Styling and curling require fewer heat settings, make sure the dryer is not too hot.


Bonnet hair dryer or not, you should make a proper budget before buying. You don’t want to overspend especially when you are on a tight budget. Just like every other product, you can expect to pay some extra bucks for signature hair dryers. Also, there is a massive misconception regarding bonnet hair dryer that if you pay more, you will get a better product. Although it may be true for other products, you don’t necessarily need to spend 200$ to get a durable quality bonnet hair dryer. However, if you are on a shoestring budget you, might wanna go for soft bonnet hair dryer as they are relatively more affordable.

Brand and Reputation

It’s always a better idea to buy from a brand that has been making hair dryers for years and is known for giving top-notch quality products consistently than buying from a new brand which just starts making bonnet hair dryer last year. Not always the case, but buying from a good brand ensures you are handed a quality product.

Even the most affordable bonnet hair dryers from a reputed brand will perform better than an unknown brand.

In case, you are not familiar hair dryer brands, Here are some of the most popular bonnet hair dryer brands in the market:

It is highly unlikely that you can go wrong with these brand names as they have been on the market for a long time and has a managed to build an outstanding reputation amongst the community.

Also, there is an added benefit of extended guarantee.

Different Types of Bonnet Hair Dryer

There are primarily two basic types of bonnet hair dryer- Soft bonnet hair dryer and hard bonnet hair dryer.

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Soft bonnet hair dryers are known as travel-friendly hair dryer as they are easy to carry and are much lighter in weight compared to hard bonnet hair dryer. The bonnet is designed in such a way that the bonnet can be conveniently folded and carried with ease. Soft bonnet hair dryers also require significantly less amount of space as compared to the hard bonnet. Also, Soft bonnet hair dryers are much affordable than hard bonnet hair dryer.

Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer

Hard bonnet hair dryer is not supposed to be travel-friendly or lightweight. Hard bonnet hair dryers are much heavier and significantly bigger in size as compared to soft bonnet hair dryers. They also cost a lot more than soft bonnet hair dryers. Beauty parlours and saloon usually use hard bonnet dryers. Some of the hard bonnet dryers are semi-portable but still less portable than soft bonnet hair dryers.


A high wattage dryer will save you a lot of time especially if you plan to use it every day by drying your hair quickly. Therefore, it is essential that you choose dryer which has high wattage. Ideally, you should have at least 1800 watt dryer. This a more significant problem if you have thick hair which takes forever to dry.


If you are a person who travels a lot, then you should pay particular attention to this feature. Soft bonnet hair dryers are way more portable than hard bonnet hair dryers. They are also lighter in weight. If you plan to move your bonnet hair dryer a lot around the house or want to take it with you everywhere, then you should always choose soft bonnet hair dryer.


The time taken by the hair dryer to dry your hair shouldn’t be too long. You don’t want to waste a lot of time every day on just drying and styling your hair.

Size of the Hood

If you are more into styling your hair and curls then you should pay special attention to the size of the hood. Curling your hair requires rollers to be put in the hood. The hood of the dryer should have enough room to accommodate all of your rollers without any problem and still have some space.


How much the hair dryer weighs is a crucial factor. The weight of the bonnet hair dryer can be directly related to the portability of it. The lightweight, soft bonnet dryer is easy to carry when travelling.


Once you figure out your needs, choosing one hair dryer becomes a piece of cake. Don’t worry if you cannot find your ideal hair dryer at first. There is something for everyone, keep looking and when you do see one that fits your needs the best, research about that product a bit more, check product FAQ, read reviews especially the negative ones which will give you even more insight into the product.

Also, don’t buy the product only if your favourite actress endorses it. One needs to understand those actresses get paid a ton to endorse. After purchasing the product, don’t forget to leave an honest unbiased review for potential future customers.


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