What You Should Eat to Get Great Hair?

It may be surprising for you that the proper intake of some specific foods can help you in making your hair strong and shiny. However, it also depends on the cause of your hair loss. There is the possibility that you lose your hair due to vitamin deficiency. Some of the foods such as nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, spinach, Omega-3 fatty acids, coconut, garlic, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, oats, and oyster are beneficial for the hair growth.

  • Fatty Fish

Fish has the rich amount of Omega-3 acids that have amazing benefits for your skin and hair. Almost 3% of the hair follicle is made with the use of Omega-3 fatty acids. So fatty fish or the salmon is the best choice to recover this flaw. Read more »


Hair Loss: What Causes Your Hair To Fall Out?

No doubt, men are more prone to the baldness as compared to women. However, thinning hair runs in women also. If you are experiencing this issue and you may consider that what are the causes that making your hair to fall out then you are at the right place. Following are some causes that are discussed to let you know that these may be potential causes. It is essential to know the exact cause so that you can get best solution to your problem.

  • Heredity

Heredity is the issue that is one of the exact problems. This is one of the most common reasons that causes male pattern baldness. Notice your family, if baldness runs in your family then you are more prone to adopt it. Read more »


Can Herbs Make Hair Grow Faster?

If you have sensitive scalp then you need to get you away from chemical products. In case, if you are experiencing hair loss as well as you are having itchy scalp then you don’t need to go for chemical treatments or chemical products to get your hair back. Various herbs are available in the market that provide beneficial aspects to your hair loss. Hence, it is the reality that there is no herb that can claim to provide fast hair regrowth. But specific herbs have the capability to encourage the growth of your hair follicles. Read on to know more about these herbs that may help you in getting your hair back or grow your hair faster. Read more »