7 Wig Hairstyles for Black Women

7 Wig Hairstyles for Black Women

Hairstyling is one of the primary factors to change the entire looks of a person in a single go.

Even if you are wearing the most expensive brand, it wouldn’t make an impact the way even a cheap haircut will make in your personality. And, if you are not daring enough to experiment with your hair lengths “wigs” have solved the problem.

Wigs industry have a very broad spectrum. Keeping in mind the hair textures, hair colors, haircuts, and even the ethnicity wigs are available in varying types and quality.

Similarly, there is a wide range of wigs available for black women and they can style it accordingly.

While narrowing the choices let’s seep into the seven hairstyles black women can create from the wigs. They are easy to create and comfortable to handle. Most importantly, they are hassle-free and “not at all threatening for your hair healthy,”

1. The Barely There Pixie

This one is a very short hairstyle and mostly worn by women above forties.

If you are not daunting enough to cut short your hair this much, then you can go on and try the short pixie cut brazilian hair wig to achieve this look. You can chop it more or less according to the length which suits you the best.

This wig has a very smooth and nice texture so no need to worry about the “thoughts of rough textured hair.”

Go on ladies and try this one out if you are always crazy to have new looks for yourself.

Short Wigs for Black Women - Showing Short Pixie Cut Brazilian Hair Wig
Showing Short Pixie Cut Brazilian Hair Wig

2. Hot Color Bob

If you are amongst the type of person who loves to be expressive through flaunting and bold colors then surely, hot color bob is meant for you.

The neon electric blue color is enough to reveal the exuberant nature of your styles.

There are people like me, who can play with their hair lengths but can never be experimental with bleaching their natural hair color. Thus, try on MAXINE Hair brazilian virgin wig to achieve the hot color bob look.

Maxine hair Brazilian Virgin wig is highly recommended for this look because it can be dyed easily. From blonde to neon hot colors you can blindly rely on this wig.

Black Wigs That Look Real - Hair Brazilian Virgin Wig
Showing Hair Brazilian Virgin Wig by MAXINE

3. Blunt Cut Bangs & Straight Mid Length Hair

And put your hands together for the celebrity Blunt Cut Bangs & Straight Mid Length Hair hairstyle.

You can witness yourself the heart winning singer Rihanna is slaying with this hairstyle. It is definitely worth saying you’ll look more or less the same as a red carpet celeb only if you know it’ll suit you or not.

You can try this look with your own hair or even if you are hesitant or unsure about the look but still want to achieve it then NOBEL human hair lace front wig is not less than the best choice.

Nobel human hair lace front wig one is recommended because it can not hold the curls, and fortunately, blunt cut bangs and straight mid-length hairstyle does not require curly hair. This hairstyle is for the straight hair.

Lace Front Wigs for Black Women - Hair Human Hair Lace Front Wig
Showing Hair Human Hair Lace Front Wig by NOBEL

4. Cornrows

Black women and their braiding style go hand in hand. The way they make their braids is incomparable. They seem more like a bot-made braid rather an effort of human hands.

If you are the one fond of braiding but sadly have short hair then try on Fuhsi Kanekalon fiber black full lace wig to achieve the cornrows hairstyle. This wig is recommended as it does not shed and the hair length is more than enough to slay the “Vikings style” braids.

This hairstyle is preferable mostly in summers and even in crowded gatherings or late night dinners. The reason is, you’ll not be wasting your time flicking back your hair continuously. So, ease yourself and enjoy the savory morsels of your meal!

Black Wigs That Look Real - Fiber Black Full Lace Wig
Showing Fiber Black Full Lace Wig by Fuhsi Kanekalon

5. Short Razor Cut Bob

Short razor cuts are perfect for those who run away from the extra maintenance of hairstyles.

This simple hairstyle adds an extra texture to your hair. Simple combing and a single pump of hair spray is enough to get yourself prepared before leaving the house for your work. It is an amalgamation super edgy and layered hair strands.

Do give it a shot if you are always in a rush before leaving your house.

6. Sleek Ponytail

Not decisive what hairstyle to go for on your prom night, or even at your farewell parties? Tried opening your hair, curling them vigorously and still not satisfied? Then surely ponytails are the best answer to all your efforts.

Ponytails are like the flow of water, which can take any shape or any direction wherever you allow it to flow. The reason behind is you can achieve the messy, classy, tamed, casual or even a Victorian ponytail hairstyle. It all depends upon whatever you like to achieve.

Similarly, the sleek ponytail styles are super classy to compliment with gown, maxi or event sweatpants.

7. Multi-Texture Ponytail

Black women already have super textured hair. Even if they are straight, you’ll feel the movement of waves in their hair.

Therefore, to achieve more natural and blended hairstyle give a hard shot to multi-texture ponytail. It is preferable for black women hair because it beautifully blends, and incorporates the curly, wavy, coarse, or even silky hair.

No need to play around with heating tools to get this textured look, simply try out curly human hair lace front wig. This is preferable as it has a very natural hairline and already it is textured. Hence, it’ll create the volume in your ponytail.

Curly Wigs for Black Women - Curly Human Hair Lace Front Wig
Showing Curly Human Hair Lace Front Wig


Black women can play around with their hair in innumerable ways.

The article narrowed down the best possible and most wearable wigs with the trendy hairstyles for black women. Keeping in view the texture, length, material, and the quality of wigs the hairstyles are chosen.

For further details about the wigs for black women do visit the best wigs for black women in 2019. It has covered each and every little detail you want to know about the wigs and styling with wigs for black women.