About Us

Let’s accept it! You won’t look half as good as you look minus your hair!

And that’s exactly why I have created this blog to demonstrate how your hair can become one of your greatest assets and styling features.

My name is Emma and I am a graphic designer by profession. But before you wonder how can a graphic designer talk about wigs and hair, I’ll explain why?

Aside to graphic designing, I have a number of hobbies and passions and one of them is hair styling. ‘Hair and Wigs‘ is my attempt to help people discover how artificial hair and wigs can help them transform their looks and personality. The blog has been designed to target all those females who think that they do not have beautiful hair or are not too happy with their natural hair and even those who need some quick, useful and long-term ideas and suggestions around wigs, hair weaving and hair styling.

What Makes Hair and Wigs Different?

Well! There are plenty of things that make my blog different! To begin with, the idea of creating a blog around hair and wigs is both unique and inspirational. My blog discusses and outlines numerous ideas and ways around wearing as well as maintaining hair extensions, wigs and artificial hair, just a couple of important stuff that many blogs dedicated to hair styling and fashion fail to highlight or bring to their readers’ notice.

Whether you want to learn more about short wigs and how they can make you look both gorgeous and smart at the same time or even if you need to find out how hair weaving can aid you in transforming your existing looks and appearance, we have plenty of suggestions, ideas and information in store just for you!

So, go right ahead and explore my blog categories to discover everything you wish to know about hair and wigs! Also, leave your feedback’s and suggestions as I’m always curious to better serve my readers!