Best Hair Straightener Brands of 2020

When you are running out of time and hastening to attend the wedding party but entirely clueless what hairstyle you must opt for. You quit on curling or making complicated hairdos and glance on your hair straighteners with all the love and affection. 

Most of the time you are tired of straightening your hair and don’t get the desirable results. At that point you either blame your hair or doubt the techniques you are following to straighten your hair. Possibly, the reason could be that your are using an inappropriate hair straightener brand. This review has summoned the best hair straightener brands to dissolve all the issues you face while straightening your hair. 

1. GHD (Good Hair Day) 

GHD (Good Hair Day) brand hair strenghtener
GHD (Good Hair Day) brand hair strenghtener

We can’t begin the article without keeping GHD at the top of the classical hair straighterner’s list. For long consecutive years ghd hair straighteners have been the best go-to for professional hair stylists and even for domestic use. GHD has revolutionised the hair styling trends of women with the launch of its first styler. It has been a leader and an innovator in hair styling industry with its range of professional brushes, ghd Style styling products and the launch of its first hair dryer, ghd air.

GHD is based in Leeds, and the United Kingdom, and it leads the market for hair straightening irons that has sold its products in more than 50,000 salons worldwide. The company was the first hair tool sponsor for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Amazingly, it is endorsed by celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston. 

For the ones who love travelling but can’t think of leaving their straighteners at home GHD has introduced GHD Mini Styler for them. This one is the most compact and portable hair straightener that works for the ones with fine hair, or looking to create smaller curls or ringlets without the need for a separate hair curler. It is incredibly powerful and equipped with customisable heat settings, giving quick results without damaging hair.

Interestingly, three hairstylists recommended this professional styling iron from Good Hair Day. “I love GHD in general because they use a longer cord,” says celebrity hairstylist Luca Blandi, who has worked with clients such as Anne Hathaway and Kate Bosworth. He specifically loves the brand’s Platinum+ models because they are made with a lightweighting material and has an ergonomic design, which is a godsend “especially for hairdressers because we use them all day. It’s less strenuous on our body and hands.”

Michelle Obama’s hairstylist Yene Damtew uses this flat iron on the former First Lady’s hair. She loves it because it’s sleek and lightweight. According to her, “all GHD irons are ideal for creating a multitude of hairstyles and producing shape and movement for all hair textures.”

The GHD Platinum+ Black Straightener is another ravishing hair straightener by GHD . It is flawless for all haircare. This is a styler which pulls out the guilt of heat styling and undoubtedly it’s the world’s first smart styler that predicts your hair’s needs. It is equipped with a tri-zone technology that ensures heat is maintained constantly so hair remains healthy, glossy and strong. This technique gives you great results without compromising the condition of your hair. Another great feature is that this intelligent iron constantly adapts to your individual hair fibres to deliver the optimum styling temperature at all times. Styling with the ghd Platinum+ has also been proven to be safe for dyed hair as well as reducing hair breakage and increasing shine.

2. Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine brand hair strenghtener
Cloud Nine brand hair strenghtener

Cloud Nine tools aims to reduce hair damage, leaving your hair healthier and smoother with an effortless natural style. Cloud nine hair straighteners are equipped with an exclusive kinder styling technology that results in glossy, long-lasting style. 

The Cloud Nine hair straighteners not only straighten up the wire wool-like hair in fact, they also help to tease curly or wavy hair straight thanks to their temperature control gauge. Although you won’t get ringlets with these wide irons, you will be able to achieve messy, beachy waves and curls, resulting in glam hair goals. 

If you’re looking for the best wide hair straighteners, then the Cloud Nine has got your back. The cloud nine wide iron black is designed by keeping long, coarse hair in mind, wide straighteners are perfect for those with afro hair. The reason cloud nine are the best straighteners for afro hair is because wider plates keep hair under heat for longer, meaning tighter curls will be subject to more pressure for a longer period of time.

According to the company, “We created Cloud Nine because we were tired of mediocre hair styling appliances that increased the risks of damaged hair. 50 years experience in hairdressing meant we knew just how much better it could be.”

The Cloud Nine Original Iron is one of the best hair straighteners of all time, and owned by professionals worldwide. It is equipped with ceramic plates that works on all hair types. Hence, the results are phenomenal, giving you shiny and frizz-free locks, which looks just like a runway models. A unique hibernation mode is installed in the straightener, ensuring it will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, so you can be sure it can’t cause hair damage.

3. Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell brand hair strenghtener
Paul Mitchell brand hair strenghtener

For nearly 40 years, Paul Mitchell is serving the professional beauty industry with salon-quality hair care products and styling tools through its family of brands including Paul Mitchell, MITCH, Awapuhi Wild Ginger, Tea Tree, Paul Mitchell Pro Tool, Neuro, Neon, MarulaOil and MVRCK. 

Intrestingly,Paul Mitchell is the very first professional hair care company to take a stand against animal testing. It has an outstanding reputation in the hair care products as well including the range of hair straighteners which are used, owned, and appreciated by many professionals. 

The Neuro Halo Straighteners by Paul Mitchellreach over 230 degrees in just 25 seconds, meaning you can get styling in no time at all. It is equipped with gunmetal IsoTherm titanium plates to prevent kinks in hair, the end of the plates ensures a glossy finish. It has another amazing feature, a SmartSense microchip is installed to monitor the temperature, to ensure even heat distribution across the whole plate, temperature is monitored 50 times per second. Such features ensures hair can recover quickly from heat exposure. 

4. L’Oréal

L'Oréal brand hair strenghtener
L’Oréal brand hair strenghtener

Everyone on this face of Earth either they are fashion fanatics or even if they are not still must be familiar with the brand Loreal. Pretty sure if you have never encountered the L’oreal’s straightener but must have used its shampoos, makeup products and much more. 

L’Oréal is a French personal care company based in Clichy and owns a registered office in Paris. It is the world’s magnanimous cosmetics company and has developed its name in the fields focusing on hair colour, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care.

When talking about the hair straighteners of L’oreal then the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod is the best amongst its range. The gorgeous print of this hair straightener will leave you irresistibly exciting. Unique traditional hair straighteners, it relies on steam technology to straighten hair, reducing frizz and smoothing down the hair till the end. The steam technology provides gentle heat action for minimizing hair damage. It is proven to be faster than other straighteners and giving up to 50% smoother hair. The Steampod is perfect for enhancing your blow-dry and giving you salon-perfect results each and every time.

5. Babyliss

Babyliss brand hair strenghtener
Babyliss brand hair strenghtener

For over 50 years’ BaByliss have been introducing innovative electrical products to inspire the creativity of professional hairdressers. From session to salon and beyond, BaByliss tools are used by stylists to set new trends. Babybliss aims for “designing the styles today that will be the must-have looks of tomorrow.”

BaByliss Diamond Hair Straighteners is the best one amongst the range of BabyBliss hair straighteners. It has diamond-infused titanium plates making it a perfect choice for anyone who loves luxurious beauty products. The plates provide a high shine finish so hair appears radiant and healthy. The advanced ceramic heaters heat up in just 15 seconds and have 3 customisable temperature settings according to your hair type. The plates also have a curved edge for making them perfect to create loose curls and waves.

6. Revlon

Revlon brand hair strenghtener
Revlon brand hair strenghtener

Revlon has a long-standing and a charismatic reputation as a trendsetter in the world of cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care. It was established in 1932. It is a mission driven brand for alluring the customers for buying their cosmetics, hair color, beauty tools, fragrance, skin care, anti-perspirant/deodorant, and beauty care products.

In the hair product sector amongst the hair straighteners the Revlon Hydra-Smooth Steam Straightener (RVST2088) stands the best. It ace the hydra therapy, which means that the plates of the straightener infuse hair with water particles. It is equipped with ceramic plates to help in smoothing hair and reducing hair frizz after straightening. It gets heated up within 30 seconds and thus you do not need to wait for long. It gives you poker straight hair in a fraction of the time. 

The range of Revlon is very vast few of them are Revlon Laser Brilliance Straightener,

Revlon1″ Ceramic Straightener (RVST2005PNK), Revlon 2″ Ceramic Straightener (RVST2006C), Revlon ½” Travel-Pro Mini Straightener (RVST2020), Revlon Bold Expressions Straightener, Revlon Nano Diamond Straightener, Revlon 1½” Titanium Straightener (RVST2031PNK), Revlon 1″ Titanium Wet/Dry Straightener (RVST2025), and Revlon Perfect Heat Straightener.

7. Bio Ionic

Bio Ionic brand hair strenghtener
Bio Ionic brand hair strenghtener

The motto of Bio Ionic styling tools is, “Hair no longer has to fear heat — because we’ve created a whole new kind of heat. A heat that hair loves. A moisturizing heat that restores instead of damages, hydrates instead of scorches. A healthy heat that leaves hair healthier, softer, shinier. The way nature intended.”

Bio Ionic has introduced Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat, it locks in your hair’s moisture and conditions strands while you style. Secondly, the ionic technology uses negative ions produced by the proprietary natural mineral complex and delivered by the Bio Ionic personal cutting-edge heat conducting elements. Bio Ionic styling tools have revolutionized heat styling and allow you to discover the beauty of your hair and hairstyles. 

If you have very thick or very curly hair try out Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron by Bio Ionic. The model has half-inch wide plates, and while it heats up quickly (five seconds) the highest temperature setting maxes out at 400°. As a result, it can handle much more volume than most ceramic hair straighteners, but may not get hot enough to straighten extremely curly or kinky hair. One unique design feature of this flat iron is that it has silicone ’speed strips’ on the plates, which allows the unit to run through your hair quickly and without snagging. 

8. Dyson

Dyson brand hair strenghtener
Dyson brand hair strenghtener

Dyson is another world famous technology brand which has started the journey of its success from the very scratch. There are Dyson tools in more than 66 countries. The company Dyson is flourished from one man idea to technology company over 1000 engineers. 

James Dyson, the inventor of cyclonic vacuum technology said,  “Like everyone we get frustrated by products that don’t work properly. As design engineers we do something about it. We’re all about invention and improvement.” 

Dyson Airwrap Straightener is best for damage control. This is one of many attachments to Dyson’s newest styling tool, it is bound to give you smooth hair in minutes. With wet to dry styling, it dries and straightens your hair at the same time.

9. Drybar

Drybar brand hair strenghtener
Drybar brand hair strenghtener

Drybar is ranked one of the top “100 Brilliant Ideas of 2010” by Entrepreneur Magazine and New York Magazine’s Boom Brands of 2013, Drybar is based on the simple concept of focusing on and being the best at it: Blowouts. 

According to Drybar’s story, “The idea was a natural one for curly haired founder Alli Webb, a longtime professional stylist, who constantly found herself overpay for blowouts at traditional salons. In addition to 100+ locations throughout the US and Canada, our growing product line (created specifically for the perfect blowout), is sold through our own shops, as well as Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta and Bloomingdale’s.”

Drybar The Tress Press Digital Styling Iron is a frizz fighter. If you pay a visit to saloons too often, or want salon quality hair, this tool is the one for you. Sephora fanatics love it, and according to one of the reviewers it helped straighten her fine, but thick hair. “This iron is gentle but high-powered enough to tame my frizz,” she reviewed.

10. Conair

Conair brand hair strenghtener
Conair brand hair strenghtener

Conair is an international brand of hair styling tools that boosts up its professional quality products. The Conair flat irons are well recognized for providing the solution to all the styling requirements of modern women with perfection and make them more beautiful by helping to style their hair exceptionally well. 

Moreover, Conair offers a broad range of flat irons mainly designed for meeting the requirements of different types of hair, making the essential component of your stylized wardrobe to offer you the benefit of a professional grade flat iron that gives you the confidence to carry yourself with incredible panache. 


Either it’s the GHD straightener or its the one from another brand unknown to many make sure you are well aware about your hair type and the requirements for you hair. Hoping this article is helpful if you have any suggestions or opinions in your mind kindly let us know in the comment section.