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BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer Review

The natural volcanic rock minerals are infused into the Bio ionic hairdryer, a uniquely refined dryer emits negative ions that penetrate deeply in the scalp.

The Black Bio Ionic 10x dryer will dry your hair within 10 minutes. The patented brushless motor of the dryer is super lightweight, making the weight of dryer less than a pound. Primarily, it uses 75% less energy on a regular basis.

According to a user, “My stylist recommended the bio ionic brand in 2012. By the way, I have burned out three T3 dryers in less than a year so having a ten-year motor warranty is a big deal for me. Bio Ionic is hands down one of the best brands on the market for blow dryers and I find it to be well worth the money!”

Showing BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer
Showing BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer


The bionic hair dryer is a good choice as it’s extremely light (less than a pound) and actually. The nozzle is very easy to take on and off and it’s great because the dryer itself does not overheat. The cold button is great as well.


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Made For Curly, Thick and Frizzy Hairs

Curly hair girls have their problems with hairstyling, hair drying, and even with their entire hair regime. This dryer has sorted out all their issues of styling, and hair drying.

According to a user, “I have very long, thick, curly and frizzy hair. The 10x takes me between 9-12 minutes but the result is much better with the 10x than my old power light.”

The powerful ionic technology and a load of negative ions of Black ionic hair dryer is responsible for drying thick hair in less than 10 minutes.

If you are looking for the dryer to tame your wild and frizzy hair then you’ve made the right choice. Check out Black ionic hair dryer you’ll not regret it. 

According to a user, “This dryer makes my hair feel exceptionally soft, light, defrizz, and smooth, without the need for a flat iron–definitely the best blow out I’ve had in a long time!”

Specs and Features

  • Natural volcanic rock minerals infused into the bio ionic dryer
  • Patented Brushless EcoDrive Motor
  • Less than 1 lb
  • Use 75% less electricity than conventional dryers.

  • 10-year motor life warranty 
  • Power: 1800W & 9ft Cord. 
  • Far Infrared Heat accelerates drying time

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  • The dryer is powerful but lightweight
  • The dryer does not overheat 
  • The nozzle is very easy to take on and take off (according to users)
  • It defrizzes hair makes them smooth and shiny


  • Nozzle is wider
  • It is overpriced

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With the 10 year motor life warranty, BIO IONIC is the last dryer you will ever wish to be in your styling products. With its novel technology, many more people want to own a dryer like this for pampering their hair. It doesn’t really matter what state your hair is – thin or thick, frizzy or not – this is perfect for everyday use.

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