Worst lies that keep women away from human hair weave

Women love gorgeous looking hair- that is a fact! Women love different hair style- another fact. You probably have seen Hollywood stars like Rihanna, Janet Jackson, and Arianna Grande seemingly disregard hair-length conventions through rocking both long and short styles alternately in a short span of time. Their long, sleek locks are normally attributed to the kinds of human hair weave.

human hair weave
Beauty Hair Brazilian Body Wave, Virgin Brazilian Wavy Human Hair Weave Extensions Natural

Countless individuals shared numerous different reasons why they choose the best human hair weave from hair sisters – some are looking for ways to cover their baldness, or simply want a new look. But then again, although hair weave is getting a great share of spotlight because of the famous bearers, not each individual seems to understand it well enough. This therefore leads to countless misconceptions, or shall we call it ‘lies’, about hair weaves.

  1. It is bad for your natural hair. Some individual believe that human hair weave damage your natural hair in various ways. Let make this thing clear. Hair extensions cause no damage if it is applied by trained professionals and is taken proper care. The secret to averting any damage to your natural hair is adequate after-care and appropriate application. Others, on the other hand, think that this stunts the growth of natural hair. If you will take a close look, hair extensions are simply pushed down as your hair grows.

  2. Human hair weave is expensive. Since human hair wigs are made of real human hair, some think that it comes with expensive price that can break their bank. However, before believing that it is indeed that expensive, you may want to do some research first. Cheap human hair weave do exists but cheap does not mean low quality. Try to contact hair sisters to find out the best possible deal.

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    Sensational Cheap, 100% Human Hair
  3. It limits lifestyles. Unless you have opted for synthetic weaves, well, your lifestyle will absolutely be limited. However, this is not the case for real human hair weave. This weave can be treated just like your natural hair. You can color or even heat style it if you want too. It can withstand activities such as hairstyling, swimming, going into steam rooms or saunas. You can do whatever you like with your weave on, but make sure it is applied properly.

  4. It cannot be brushed. C’mon! Just because you cannot use your conventional hairbrush that has tough bristles, you will already conclude that your human hair weave or Brazilian hair weave cannot be brushed totally. There is a brush specially made for this kind of weave, those that uses soft-plastic loops.

  5. It looks unnatural. Some girls who wear extensions have it very obvious. Yet, this is not always the case. The secret to having weave that perfectly blend with your natural hair is to ask for professional support when choosing one and ask for professional application.

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Beauty Brazilian Curly Weave Natural Black Human Hair Extensions

Whether you want to purchase a Brazilian human hair weave or curly weave human hair, then go! No negative things that are associated to human hair weave should deter you. Learn the truth first.