Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane

Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane?

While travelling on international or even in domestic flights pretty sure nobody wants to get in trouble at the airport with security checks. There are various restrictions for various countries regarding what to carry or what not to carry in your luggage. For those who go against the rules suffer great penalties according to the laws. If you want to travel in peace make sure you follow them. 

Now it’s an obvious question that pops up in everybody’s mind what must we carry or what we must not? Precisely for the fashion fanatics they must be worried about their heating tools including curlers, and straighteners. For those of you who are delusional to carry straighteners on a plane must stick to this article for complete information. 

Are Hair Straighteners Yay or Nay for USA and Australia?

Carrying hair straighteners, iron rods or the hair styling tools is generally allowed on international flights but the rules and regulations of boarding differ from country to country. 

1. Bringing a Hair Straightener at National Flights in USA

Travelling within the U.S.A while carrying hair straighteners in planes are allowed. When taking an international flight from U.S, don’t forget to check with the flight safety regulatory body of your destination. 

What is permissible in the U.S. might not be permitted in other countries as some places require a security screening at every stage of travel including the check-in and boarding. Carrying any item on the plane at your departure location doesn’t mean you’ll be able to carry it on at every stage of your journey. Before checking in, it would be safer to check the guide boards displayed outside of the security screening areas about the items you are unsure in your luggage. 

2. Bringing a Hair Straightener at National Flights in Australia

For precisely knowing what items can we carry for departing to Australia and for leaving Australia refer this link. Hair straighteners are allowed or not ? It is still vague to figure out but this link will surely help you to find your answers. 

Issues with Carrying Hair Straighteners On International Flights

Taking styling tools for hair including heating rods, hair dryers, and straighteners in your flights can and cannot be a better idea owing to many factors. These products are generally pretty bulky unless they are travel-friendly, they consume lots of space in your very limited carrying bag.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) does not allow butane hair straighteners and curling irons in checked luggage, but they are allowed to carry on luggage as long as they are safely packed to prevent accidental activation since they are a fire hazard. The exact wording from TSA states, “Cordless curling irons containing a gas cartridge and butane fueled curling irons are allowed in carry-on bags only. A safety cover must be securely fitted over the heating element. The device must be protected from accidental activation. Gas refills (spare cartridges) are not allowed in either checked or carry-on bags.” Still, the final decision always lies in the hands of TSA agent.

Another important issue to highlight while carrying the hair straighteners on international flights is the varying voltage and plug style of all countries. On a global scale, different voltages are used in different countries that means your hair straighteners and styling tools might not be compatible.

The optimal approach could be to purchase a dual voltage appliance. For instance, the US electrical system consumes 110 voltage, while the European system is 220. Owning a dual voltage hair straightener means you could switch the voltage between 110 or 220 depending on which part of the world you are living. A converter is a must if you don’t own a dual voltage appliance. A converter assists in switching the voltage for preventing your appliance on fire, blowing a fuse in the building, or even risking a fire.

For travelling abroad with electrical appliances including styling tools, you must carry a plug adapter with you to ensure your plug fits in wall sockets. For instance, the US and Canada use the same plug style as Central American countries, but the plugs in Europe are different. Even within Europe, the UK uses a different plug style from most of the rest of the continent. 

A plug adapter is not responsible for converting the voltage. Besides, these days most of the appliances don’t heat up and convert on their own. Hence, your laptop and phone charger must be working fine with just an adapter. Appliances that heat up easily including hair  straightener, curling iron, or hair dryer, might not function properly, even if they own a dual voltage system or uses a converter. Most appliances come with the warnings that you should use the lower setting when traveling abroad.


If you still find taking hair straighteners on international flight as a controversial decision then calling the airport and asking the recent rules about it is the best way out. The rules keep on changing according to circumstances, therefore I can’t  bother you with the misleading information. You will find some airport phone numbers below.


Ontorio International Airport, State, USA +1 909-544-5300: 

Perth Airport, Perth, Australia +61-8-9478-8888:

Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany  +49 69 69 00:

Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, England+44 20 7360 1250:

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France +33 1 70 36 39 50:

Rome Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) Airport, Rome, Italy +39(0)665 951: