Benefits of Conair soft bonnet hair dryer

Benefits of Using Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

I myself is a witness for many of my friends and colleagues, who tried to have a hairstyle but failed to achieve it. They get disappointed or even at times get angry on their hairstylists.

If you are one of them, then there is no need to worry. You can change your hairstyle with Conair soft bonnet hair dryer.

Advantages of Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

It’s pretty justified to say that you tried different equipment to get the desired look and feel. However, the outcome of the process was never satisfying or perfect. Yes, you can get any hairstyle salon.

However, you need to spend enough time and the money to get the result. You cannot go to the salon every time for a different look neither can you get a satisfactory result instantly. The soft bonnet dryer will help you to get that look in a few minutes.

Bonnet Hair Dryer Has Incredible History

History of the hair dryer
Showing a salon with bonnet hair dryer from the olden days

Since these hair dryers have come into existence, these have influenced many looks. The very first success story was observed in the 1950s. Since then everyone is passionate to use it.

However, owing to the size and the cost people prefer normal hair dryers. Many salon and spa centers are using this kind of hair dryers for a long-lasting and beautiful look.

Initially, many celebrities used this method of hair drying to get the desired look. Still many people around the globe, use the bonnet dryer for their hairs.

You can check some of the bonnet hair dryer reviews on to select best one suited for you. They will help you get different looks instantly at your home.

Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers Are Portable and Easy to Carry

Conair soft bonnet hair dryers
Showing a Conair soft bonnet hair dryers

Initially, we used to see big bonnet hair dryers, but now we have the compact and portable bonnet hair dryers, which can be used while traveling. They contain some parts like nozzle, hose, and clips.

All you need to do is to connect them all. They are available in different shapes with different design parameters owing to the improved technology. You can select the cable length as well. You can easily fold them, detach them and carry them.

Inexpensive Hair Dryers With Satisfactory Results

Affordable hair dryers attachments
Showing a woman with a hair dryers attachments

Now, you can have different hair dryers at low cost. However, you will need a cost-effective bonnet dryer.

We have companies like Conair, who provided affordable bonnet hair dryers.

They do not cost more than $50. If you want, you can have different kinds of attachment to Conair soft bonnet hair dryers.

They’ll Take Care of Your Hairs Health

When you use hard hair dryers, hair dryness and shining issues are obvious because of an unequal airflow and the temperature of the air.

When you use the soft bonnet hair dryers, there will be even airflow and heat flow on all the part of the head. This will result in soft drying.

Your hair will retain smoothness and shiny texture in it. You can easily comb and braid your hairs for different purposes. The smoothness allows you to have different hairstyles.

Easy to Store

When you have a flexible hose and the easy lock feature, it is easy to assemble the hair dryers. You need to connect the hose to the bonnet with rollers. The clip will lock the bonnet and the hose perfectly. You can even attach different types of soft bonnet hair dryer attachments. If you want, you can use the vent brush for volume creation and styling.

Superintend Power Wattage

When you use a normal hair dryer with the fixed steel or foldable bonnet hair dryers, you will see wattage level of 1300 watts to 1800 watts. However, when you use a soft bonnet hair dryer, you will get wattage around 400 watts.

This wattage range is controlled and they do not damage your hair. The ionic function will help in hydrating the damaged hair. The billing will be less and the risk of shock and burn is null.

However, when you use high wattage your hair will lose moisture and shin. You can even use a chemical treatment on your hair without straining on the dryer.

Quick Response for Drying Your Hair

When you use big stand hair dryers you need to set timers and need to monitor it every time. It is because it may result in hair damage. However, when you use Conair soft bonnet hair dryer, you need not to think too much about the timer.

You can set 30 minutes of the clock from hair drying to hair braiding. First, dry your hair with your towel for maximum results. Then use the soft bonnet for 15 to 20 minutes to get the process drying effect with the shining and silky hair.

You can even adjust the timing to get thick and curly hair. You need to understand your hair type for the timings.

It Offers Required Heat Setting

Sometimes, you need to dry your hair in a different level. You need to dry it with a bonnet hair dryer as they offer multi-heat and airflow settings. You can choose the heat setting from low, medium and high. Low and medium are best in the summer season. You can use the high-level settings in winter and rainy season. This results in complete control of the hair drying process.


Conair soft bonnet hair dryer will be your companion because of its features and its benefits.

You can find different reviews to understand the effect of the dryer. These dryers will help you to dry your hair in a secure environment.