Do Hooded Haır Dryers Damage Hair

Do Hooded Hair Dryers Damage Hair?

This is pretty evident that using heating products damage your hair ultimately. They are not hundred percent health friendly for your hair’s health.

When talking about the heating products for hair one question surely pops into the minds of most of you “Do hooded dryers damage hair?”. Well to know the answer in detail stick to the article and remove the ambiguities from your minds.

There is a contrasting opinion of people around the globe in regards to using hooded hair dryers. Some users have an opinion that the but the deep conditioner within hooded hair dryers forms a layer between your hair from the dry heat. All that in-direct heat is doing is just warming the deep conditioner up.

Similarly one of the users said that ”You would have to try very hard to heat damage your hair under a hood dryer. It’s a lot more difficult to damage hair with the diffused heat from a hood dryer than the concentrated heat from a blow dryer.”

While in view of some users, if you sit under a hood dryer and crank the heat up to the very highest possible setting, you could potentially overheat your hair.

Blow dryers, especially when they have an air concentrator attached, may blow out a very high level of heat. The heat may dehydrate and literally fry the hair.

Fried hair may result in damaged sections and/or split ends and even faded hair color.

One of the users said, “It’s most likely to happen when using a hand-held blow dryer, rather than sitting under a hood dryer.”

The biggest downside to using hood dryers is how long it takes to get hair dry.

In today’s world, people tend to be in a hurry and don’t want to sit under a hood dryer when they believe they could get their hair dry much faster with a blow dryer.

Benefits of a Hooded Hair Dryer vs a Regular Blow-Dryer

The main benefit is that you don’t have to do any manual work.  You just sit underneath the hood and wait for your hair to dry. There’s no wrist ache, no angling your body so you reach the back of your head and no awkward brushes to use.

However, the disadvantage is the time it takes to dry hair, although some people like the fact that they have to wait for their hair to dry and can’t do anything else except reading, which can be a good way to relax!

It’s also faster than using basic rollers to dry hair but if you want to use rollers, heated rollers are generally quicker than a hooded dryer and allow you to do something else while waiting for them to set.  Hooded hair dryers are excellent if you are a stylist at home and want to fit in extra clients. Simply seat a client who wants curly hair underneath one and style another client in-between for convenience!

How to Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It

Regardless of the sultering looks, you achieve after blow dryers, all that exposure to heat is actually quite damaging to your hair.

After washing your hair, the best thing to do is wrap it in a towel and wait fifteen to twenty minutes.

All the while, you can continue watching your favorite series or call your friend to tell her what happened a couple of days back. Time flies by when we are talking with our friends.

Do not hesitate to follow these steps:

  • Apply a heat protecting spray
  • Section hair out
  • Roll hair in the right size rollers (small for little curls or short hair, medium for mid-size curls or medium length hair, large for big hair or very long hair)
  • Pin rollers to your head
  • Switch the hooded dryer on and adjust the temperature and timer
  • Sit underneath the hood until the timer “beeps”
  • Check one roller, if it is dry your hair is ready, if it is still damp, reset the hooded hair dryer for another 10 minutes
  • Switch off when you are finished
  • Roll out each section carefully

Once your hair is completely dry, you should give it an injection of cold hair, most hair dryers have this option. That cold hair will seal the cuticles and give a clean and shiny finish to the hairstyle.


If you use the heating products for hair with care and on low heat settings the chances to damage your hair are minimized. It’s preferable to use hair creams or good quality hair mousse right after using the heating products so that the scalp moisture is not lost from your cuticles.

Either you are drying your hair with the blow dryer or with the hooded hair dryers, make sure you know the correct way of using both the equipment. Moreover, don’t forget to read the instructions of the products before using any of the dryers.