A Complete Guide for Buying a Hair Dryer

A Complete Guide for Buying a Hair Dryer

Before investing your time and money, it’s always a preferable option to opt for a detailed guide about any of the product.

Exerting an extra effort in reading and searching the guidelines of the products will never cost a dime to you.

Therefore, take off your shoes, put in the hands-free, and get yourself prepared to read this article regarding a complete guide for buying a hair dryer.

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Blow Dryer or Bonnet Hair Dryer

Blow Dryer or Bonnet Hair Dryer

Blow drying is a direct blast of wind on your hair shaft. Most people do it while combing their hair or to volumize their hair. The vulnerable stage reaches when you start combing your wet hair along with blow drying. It weakens the hair strength and flexibility.

Whereas, hooded hair dryers are all about chilling, and relaxing while sitting under the baming hooded hair dryer. The hooded hair dryer has the holes for cross ventilation of air. Most frequently they are used to dry the hair with rollers.

You can even move onto the next level by carrying on your daily activities, if and only if you are using the soft bonnet hair dryers.

The contrast between hooded and bonnet hair dryer is akin to walking on the thick icy floor or roaming around in the AC room. Both soothes but one is more drastic than others.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Hair Dryer

For buying any product there are some major and minor factors to consider.

Similarly, there are multiple factors to consider for preventing and minimizing the chances of frying your hair from hair dryers. Few of them are usage, material, power, cords, variable settings, and warranty of hair dryers.


There are diverse materials of hair dryers available in a market. It depends upon the texture and the hair type of a person that which hair dryer suits the best.

Scoop out all the worries if you have thick, frizzy or coarse hair. As ionic or tourmaline dryers have sorted out the solution for them. Ionic or tourmaline hair dryers release negative ions that help to break down the water droplets on your hair for faster drying.


A tourmaline dryer is likely to be more expensive than a regular ionic dryer. It’s fair enough because tourmaline is a semi-precious metal that provides the most intense ionic action.

These much-advanced dryers are never preferable for as they are not as effective in building the volumes as rest of the dryers are.

Don’t worry the hair dryers industry have incorporated with the fine and dry hair as well. Ceramic or porcelain dryers are made for such people.

Blow dryers featuring the plastic or metal housing, coated in ceramic or porcelain provides heat that’s mild and more consistent. Hence, they’re a good choice for fine or dry hair that dehydrates easily.

If you are always unsure about which hairdryer to buy and mostly in a dwindling situation of confusion go for, a ceramic or porcelain model. As it’s always on a safe side, and less damaging.

It’s not enough about ceramic or porcelain dryers yet. They also use negative ions to prevent frizz and allow you to dry your hair more quickly.

Some ceramic or porcelain dryers possess an infrared technology owing to which, they use longer energy waves that deeply penetrate the hair.


TITANIUM MATERIALThe titanium hair dryer is another dominating hair dryer in the world of hair dryers. It is specifically meant for the ones with voluminous hair. It can drastically help reduce your drying time.

A titanium blow dryer provides heat at a constant temperature. It gets very hot, though, so it’s not a good choice for fine or damaged hair.

Titanium weighs less than ceramic or porcelain, so the dryer is lightweight. It makes a clear sense for it being more comfortable to hold when you have a lot of hair to dry.

Power – Wattage

The wattage of a blow dryer is responsible to measure how hard and fast its motor works. The higher its wattage, the faster you’ll be able to dry your hair.

Dryers with a low wattage are usually cheaper, and they require a frequent replacement. For domestic use, look for a dryer whose wattage is at least 1500.

If you have extremely thick and are difficult to dry, opt for a dryer with a wattage between 1800 to 2000. These are just like the ones used by the hair stylists in a salon, so you’ll be able to achieve salon-quality results at home.

No doubt low wattage hair dryers offer better energy efficiency. Still, it’s an amazing option for women who have thin hair owing to the low risk of hair damage.


Before choosing a dryer, pay keen attention towards the location of the buttons because they can sometimes be in a place that’s super annoying.

Buttons that are positioned on a wrong place can get hit while you’re using the dryer, and that means you could be changing settings without realizing it.

If the buttons are in the wrong place you’ll risk going from quiet power to a boisterous noise in no time without realizing it. And surely, you’ll scare yourself and wake some family members.

Cords Matter

cords matter for buying a hair dryer

Go for a long cord if you like to extend your hair dryer in front of your styling mirror. Power cords range from less than two meters to more than three meters.

Winding your cable around your hair dryer for storage can damage the internal wiring and create a fire risk.

Some hair dryers have a retractable cord. The choices for retractable cord hair dryers do seem pretty limited in the market. There is a huge target market of buyers who specifically look for this feature.


There are two basic types: sliding and rocker switches.

Sliding switches are installed into the handle, and can be hard to use if they are stiff, lack a textured grip or don’t stick out.

Rocker switches are activated when you push their raised end down. They are easy to use but can be accidentally activated as you hold the handle, unexpectedly changing the heat and speed while drying.


If you have short or fine hair, thinking about the weight of your hair dryer isn’t a big deal because you don’t spend that much time using it.

However, if you’ve super long, and thick hair the weight of your dryer matters a lot. You’re going to be holding it for a long time while you’re primping.

A dryer that only weighs a few pounds can quickly start to feel like it weighs like a sack of sand when you’ve to hold it above your head for almost an hour because of the air pressure.

Choose a lightweight dryer so your arms don’t get tired. It may seem like a minor detail, but it’s important to consider the weight of a blow dryer. You want a lightweight model that will be more comfortable to hold while you’re drying your hair.

For the most comfortable hair drying, prefer a blow dryer that’s approximately 1 pound (0.45 kg) in weight.


If you have small hands you need to make sure the handle of your dryer is shaped accordingly.

As someone with baby hands, they have to pay a little more attention to the shape of their hair dryers than a lot of other people do.

Variable Settings and Attachments

Variable Settings and Attachments is important for hair drying

To reduce frizz, and to achieve shiny sleek hair opt for the dryer with cool settings. After finishing hair drying, blow the cool air. It ensures to seal the cuticle of your hair for smooth, and shiny hair.

Switch from the heat setting to the cool setting when your hair is approximately 80% dry. It will prevent your dryer from overheating.

According to the varying hair types the heat settings vary as well. For fine, thin, or dry hair, the low heat setting will work well. For normal hair, the medium setting is ideal. For coarse, thick hair, use the high heat setting.

Purchase a dryer with a diffuser if you have curly hair. A diffuser is an attachment that distributes the hot air in a larger area without blowing your hair all over the place.

It’s particularly helpful if you have curly or wavy hair because it maintains the hair texture while adding volume.

A concentrator nozzle is another miraculous attachment of dryers. It helps to straighten your hair. Like a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle is attached to the end of a blow dryer.

However, it emits the air in a concentrated stream. Hence, it’s a handy tool if you regularly straighten your hair with a dryer. It can also help cut down on frizz.

Select a dryer with a comb or prik attachment to create smooth locks. A comb or prik attachment is fixed on to the end of the blow dryer, much like a diffuser or concentrator nozzle.

If you have thick hair or curly, African American hair, a comb or prik attachment can help stretch out the natural curl pattern when drying your tresses or hair locks.


warranty is important when it comes to hair dryers

If you’re investing handsome money in a good hairdryer and aiming to use it for longer time span then, it’s fair enough to expect it to come with a decent warranty.

However, the words “3-year limited warranty” on a product description aren’t really enough to ensure how useful the warranty truly is. There are many gimmicks that create the useless warranties which seems genuine.

For instance, multiple users who faced problems with their hair dryers are badly opinionated about the warranties that don’t cover shipping fees, and shipping the dryer to the manufacturer and back would cost nearly as much as replacing it outright.

The upshot to this whole guide is, that before you spend money on a hairdryer, thoroughly read the terms of the warranty so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

This will also prevent you from buying the hair dryers from an unauthorized dealer.

Brightly hoping this guide for buying a hair dryer has untangled many of the ambiguities from your mind. Still, if you think something is missed and was must to be explained then, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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