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Hair Fall Solution: What Causes Your Hair To Fall Out?

No doubt, men are more prone to the baldness as compared to women. However, thinning hair runs in women also. If you are experiencing this issue and you may consider that what are the causes that making your hair to fall out then you are at the right place. Following are some causes that are discussed to let you know that these may be potential causes. It is essential to know the exact cause so that you can get best solution to your problem.

  • Heredity

Heredity is the issue that is one of the exact problems. This is one of the most common reasons that causes male pattern baldness. Notice your family, if baldness runs in your family then you are more prone to adopt it.

  • Major Illness

Major illness can also be a cause of hair loss. For example, if you have are going through malaria or typhoid then there is the possibility of facing hair related issues in the future. Moreover, if you have gone through the chemotherapy or radiotherapy then you may get a drastic loss in your hair. Moreover, this type of hair loss was incurable but nowadays it is treatable with the use of new technology. On the other hand, the temporary situation of the stress can lead you towards temporary hair loss.

hair loss
Men Hair Loss
  • Hormonal Dysfunction

If you are experiencing premature hair loss then hormonal dysfunction may be the basic cause that is playing role in it. Moreover, the thyroid disease may be a part of this issue because most of the essential hormones are secreted through thyroid gland. The people, who have issue in the activity of their thyroid gland, may experience baldness or thinning of hair. Thyroid treatment is highly recommended so that the issue can be solved by the physician. Most of the women go through the hair loss issue during pregnancy or menopause. All of this happen due to the imbalance in their hormonal system.

  • Medication

Some of the specific medicines are prone to lead people towards hair loss. In fact, the researches reveal that some of the medicines are promoting hair loss problem. Hence, the issue can be temporary in some cases. Like, you may experience hair loss when taking some specific medicines and the hair loss ends when you stop using that medicines. Gout medicines, steroids, anticoagulants, blood thinners, more amount of vitamin A, antidepressants, chemotherapy, interferon, and birth control tablets are some of the medicines that cause hair loss.

  • Excessive Use Of Hair Products

Hair products are in the high demand nowadays. Most of the people are in the race of adopting new hairstyles and for that purpose they need to use hair tools. These tools include hair straightener, curlers, gels, hair sprays, etc. The excessive amount of heat and chemicals in these tools and products damage your hair badly.

  • Psychological Factors

When you are experiencing hair loss, usually doctors ask if you have any kind of stress. Both physical and psychological factors lead towards hair thinning. Specifically, two kinds of hair issues are related to the stress. These types include Alopecia areata and Telogen effluvium.

  • Infection

If you have experienced any kind of fungal infection then you are prone to develop hair problems. Specifically, this issue is most observed in children. Antifungal medicines are used to treat such type of problem.

  • Internal Health Hazards

Some of the diseases are destructive from the inner side. Like, they are destructing the inner self of the person. Diabetes and Lupus are such diseases. Hair loss serves its role as one of the symptoms of these diseases. So, if you cannot figure out an apparel reason to your hair loss then you should get consultation from a doctor on immediate basis.

  • Improper Hair Care

If you are a person who is very busy and you cannot provide proper time and care to your hair then it may be a reason to your hair thinning. Sometimes, it is the sole reason as hairs require our proper care just like our skin and nails. Don’t tie your hair when they are wet or don’t tie them too tight. Must concern with a dermatologist if you want to get any chemical treatment for your hair.

Never ignore any scar or any issue related to your hair. You need to do proper care of your hair and they also need proper diet and vitamins just like your body. Keep your hair healthy and shiny to look beautiful and gorgeous.