How Hot Does a Hair Dryer can Get

How Hot Does a Hair Dryer can Get?

There’s a difference between working with a machine or treating it with a toy. One has to be extremely professional or near to an expert while using the heating tools for hair.

Regardless of the type of machinery, you are using to tame or do your hair, temperatures of a  tool is a key factor. Similarly, there is some limit how hot does a hair dryer can get as well.

The best way to use a hair dryer is always at medium heat, even though that will depend on the type of hair dryer or the type of hair that you have. It’s not the same drying thin hair and drying the coarse, thick, and rough hair.

While using a hair dryer, you put an invisible pressure on the hair shaft which causes it to be weaker and more prone to breaking and split ends.

Thin hair is much more vulnerable to damage caused by the heat from the hair dryer due to the fact that the hair fibers are naturally weaker and prone to breakage.

If you have thin hair, never use it at the maximum temperature. Though thick hair can resist the high heat temperature it never means to fry your natural hair. With the thick hair, you should still be careful when using the maximum heat of your hairdryer.  

It’s always better trying out the temperature of the hair dryer on the palm of your hand before using it directly on your hair. The maximum temperature that you can handle without burning your palm is preferable for your hair as well.

Factors That Affect the Heating Mechanism of Hair Dryers

The maximum temperature that any hair dryer can reach is between 40 and 50°c. It depends on a multiple factors like room temperature, power of the hairdryer, the distance between the hair dryer and your hair, what it’s made of, type and frequency of use, and finally how old it is.

It is obvious if you’ve bought the hair dryer a decade back, then it’s definitely going to affect how hot it can get.

Another fundamental factor to keep in mind with how hot a hair dryer can get is the distance from which you are applying the heat and if you are using some sort of instrument like a diffuser. A diffuser spreads out the concentration of heat.

Ah, and we haven’t forgotten the room temperature. A hair dryer doesn’t work the same if in a 5-degree room as a 25-degree room.

And lastly, it’s important to note that there are hundreds and hundreds of brands and models of hair dryers. There are professional ones like HSI and less-expensive, supermarket brands.

Lastly, it always depends upon your hair texture, hair type, and the hairdryer how much does your hair dryer heats up.

Make sure in achieving the dry hair in a shorter time period you don’t trade off the core beauty, shine, and quality of your hair.