Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

How to Use a Bonnet Hair Dryer: Soft vs. Hard Shell

Using a Bonnet Hair Dryer for Great Hair: Hard Bonnet Vs. Soft Bonnet

Bonnet hair dryers are hair dryers that were originally introduced in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and became extremely popular!  These hair dryers were manufactured out of a heat resistant material that fits over a person’s head like a hood.  This dome like hood then emits heat from the inside that helps to dry the wearers hair and allows you to style and create the perfect hairstyle all while sitting down comfortably!  These types of hair dryers are great for getting that perfect curl in your hair!  These hair dryers can seem difficult to use, but thankfully there are many benefits to bonnet hair dryers and they work wonders!

That being said, bonnet hair dryers are an excellent choice for anyone that is serious about styling any type of hair.  There are two main types of bonnet hair dryers, a hard bonnet hair dryer, and a soft bonnet hair dryer.  A hard bonnet dryer is one you’ll most likely find in a salon shop, which is made of hard plastic/metal and you sit underneath and it is lowered over your head. A soft bonnet dryer is a bag like hood that you can place on your head over your hair.  Both types of bonnet dryers dry using the same technology, but they are built slightly differently.  Although it can be slightly daunting when you are starting out, once you get used to it, a bonnet hair dryer is the most efficient solution to styling your hair!

Using a Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer:

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer
This is an example of a soft bonnet hair dryer, which is a great at home solution compared to traditional hair dryers.

As mentioned earlier, when you are looking at the types of bonnet hair dryers, the soft bonnet hair dryer is a soft and flexible hood like structure that fits over the top of your head over your hair.  These might look a little strange, but they do exactly the same function as the hard shelled bonnet hair dryers we will talk about in a minute.  The majority of the bonnet hair dryers you see on the market are going to be soft shelled, because hard shelled are extremely bulky and heavy and you usually won’t see them outside of hair salons.  Although there are going to be many different brands, the majority of the soft shells are going to function the same way, and are going to dry your hair in a completely new way compared to a traditional hair dryer.

To use a soft shell bonnet hair dryer, follow the steps below:

  1. When your hair is ready to dry, place the hood on your head and use the drawstrings to make sure that it is placed firmly on your head while ensuring everything is plugged in.
  2. Once the hair dryer is firmly on your head, you will have the option between hot and cool temperatures. Depending on the hair style you’re interested in, then that will determine your selection.
  3. Ensure that the hood is placed firmly on your head and it level, while still covers all of your hair.
  4. Once the hair dryer has been turned on, keep it on for a minimum of 20-25 minutes or more depending on the thickness and amount of your hair.
  5. Afterwards, your new hair style is ready!

Using a Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer:

Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer
This is an example of a hard bonnet hair dryer.

On the other hand, if you are going to a hair salon, you most likely will be using a hard bonnet hair dryer.  These are the types of hair dryers that you often see at hair stylists that look like giant domes that go over your head.  These hard shell hair dryers are ceramic or tourmaline domes that are elevated above your head, and lowered to fit over the top of your head to dry your hair. These are much more heavy duty, and aren’t usually sold for personal use.  That being said, these are generally a little more powerful, and can give you a more consistent drying experience.  If you have the option, I’d definitely suggest using a hard bonnet hair dryer over a soft shelled bonnet dryer, but either of them will get the job done!

To use a hard shell bonnet hair dryer, follow the steps below:

  1. When your hair is ready to dry, you will sit in the chair or sofa positioned directly below the hard shelled bonnet.
  2. Once you have taken a seat underneath, your hair stylist will slowly lower the dome over your head. It should fit right above your head, and ensure that the entirety of your hair is underneath the drying area of the hair dryer.
  3. Your hair stylist should help to to adjust the temperature to the right temperature for the amount of hair you have, and the type of hair style you are looking to achieve.
  4. Put your feet up and enjoy, usually you will be sitting underneath for at least 25 minutes!
  5. After your short stint relaxing, your hair stylist should alert your when your hair drying is done and the bonnet hair dryer can be turned off. From there, the hard shelled bonnet hair dryer will be lifted off of your head, to reveal your stylishly dried hair!

Final Thoughts on Using a Bonnet Hair Dryer

Switching to a completely new style of hair dryer can often be quite confusing and maybe even overwhelming. I knowI was concerned with messing something up when I first made the switch to a bonnet hair dryer.  That being said, if you are serious about your hair, and you want the best possible hair dryer for your hair, then making the switch to a bonnet hair dryer is a necessary step.

That being said, although it can seem daunting, once you have walked through the steps using a bonnet hair dryer, you begin to understand that it isn’t much more complicated than a regular hair dryer, it just seems like it because it’s different than what we’re used to.

But that being said, when you look at the benefits presented by bonnet hair dryers you begin to realize that learning how to use these new hair dryers is worth the effort, and will complete transform how you do your hair!