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Top 5 Lace Wigs | From A to Z Buying Guide & Reviews for Lace Wigs in 2020

Here I am going to talk about my lace wigs reviews and my great 5 tips which you should not miss but before that, I would like to give you a better understanding of lace wigs.

Lace wig with a lace base is very comfortable while wearing it. It is a special type of hairpiece and usually applied to the front hairline area with the assistance of glues or tapes. A few years ago, there were only a few choices available if we want to buy a lace wig. The high-quality lace wigs are only available to celebrities and other people who often catch public’s attention. But now, thanks to the fast development of online shopping business, we can all buy quality lace wigs at affordable prices to suit our personal styles.

This post is a basic knowledge teaching that will teach you what a regular lace wig is, types of lace wigs and how to buy one. The primary advantage these wigs have over their counterparts is the lace. The lace allows for the maximum natural result while massively advancing breath-ability and comfort. Lace wigs are primarily categorized in lace front wigs and full lace wigs.

Lace wigs became increasingly popular lately, mostly due to the fact a good number of celebrities use them daily with stunning results when it comes to obtaining a natural feel and look. Some time ago, these wigs were extremely expensive and thus, not available to the general public. Things have changed though, and due to the massive demand, the prices dropped significantly resulting in this type of wig to be by far the most preferred from consumers all over the world.

What is a Lace Wig

Lace wigs are wigs that are handmade by skilled wig makers. The technique used to create a lace wig is called ventilation. The hair is stitched strand by strand to a base made of lace material. The lace material serves as the scalp and closely resembles natural skin or scalp when attached to the head. The lace comes in various colors and can be matched easily with any skin tone. The lace is thin and undetectable. Lace wigs differ from regular wigs in different ways.

Lace wigs are the most undetectable on the market. The beauty of this wig is that no one will know that you are wearing a wig. Lace wigs are worn by top celebrities like Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson, Oprah, Ru Paul, and more A-listers. If you’ve ever wondered what’s their secret; this is it! Lace wigs can be parted anywhere on the cap, worn in a high ponytail undetectably, can be worn while swimming, and causes minimal or no damage to your hair.

Lace wigs are attached with waterproof adhesives around the perimeter of your head close to the hairline, and there are no messy glues to put directly on your hair. There is no need to sit for hours getting a sew in weave when you can have a full head of free-flowing hair that looks like your own within minutes. These wigs are designed to last for years if cared for properly. They can be worn for weeks at a time. If you want to add length, color, style, body, texture, etc. Lace wigs are the best option.

Different Kinds of Lace Wigs

There are primarily two kinds of lace wigs the lace front wig and the full lace wigs

The first type is known as lace front wig which means that the lace cap covers just the front of the head as you move the back of the head may incorporate a different material. The kind of lace used is either manufactured from French lace long or even more delicate swiss lace.

The other is the full lace wigs that could be put on the head with either an adhesive or hairpin and hair are tied in.

Whether you desire a celebrity look or perhaps your own lace synthetic wigs and unique style full lace wigs can be found in a variety of lengths, textures, and colors. Wigs are the best hair replacement solution as they do not harm your scalp, unlike weaves, fusion, and several other popular hair extension strands by strand methods. Lace front wigs are definitely more common since they are cheaper and much easier to wear.

Lace Front Wig (with Kylie Jenner)

If you are seriously thinking of investing in wigs then, some of the best advice I can add to that is to buy a lace front wig. Your lace front wig really will be one of the most fantastic things that you will ever buy but, it also makes perfect sense that to keep it looking in tip-top condition that to have a lace wig guide is going to be pretty useful in helping you achieve this very easily.

Kylie Jenner lace front wig
Showing Kylie Jenner wearing a lace front wig

What is a lace front wig anyway? Firstly, it may be helpful to understand the basic construction of a traditional wig. They are all made using bulky caps and fasteners with synthetic hair attached to them. Unfortunately, they have no real chance of looking particularly natural as it is not the easiest thing in the world to get the cap to sit very snugly against your head. Also, synthetic hair can never have that same natural movement that your hair does.


A front lace wig differs because natural human hair is individually woven and double knotted into a gossamer-fine lace cap which gives a far more natural appearance at the hair root and also creates an almost invisible hairline. The other fantastic thing is how effortlessly it fits against your scalp, how amazing is that? As implied by their title tag, lace front wigs only have lace in the front hairline; sometimes knotted with baby hair. Since lace is an expensive material, using it only in the front hairline is what allows for lace front wigs to be so affordable. The best parts of these wigs (back and sides) use other materials to compensate, usually monofilament or polyurethane.

To have such a versatile hairpiece is so awesome, yes they cost a little more than traditional wigs but, let us be honest you really are paying for a work of art and the craftsmanship that goes into creating it. For something to look this real, then you know that it has to be very special. To be able to ease some of the pressure to look good all of the time has to be the biggest bonus. You know how hard it is to keep up with ever-changing hairstyles and to put your own hair through some of the punishing regimes on a daily basis really is not practical or sensible.

With a lace front wig, you have the versatility to do anything you want and look amazing every day. No harsh chemicals stripping the goodness out of your hair, no excess heat from tongs or straighteners to keep drying it out. We know that these are the realities of keeping ahead of ever-changing hairstyle fashion and normally it is our own hair that suffers. Another secret I will let you into is the fact that the world of showbiz has been keeping this wonderful discovery all to itself.

Some of the biggest superstars and divas have been taking advantage of front lace wigs for quite some time, and because they are so natural, we really have not picked up on this. If you want to be able to make your cheap front lace wig work for you really, then a lace wig guide is going to be the tool to have in your hair styling kit. Take advantage of some amazing hints and tips that will blow you away and make buying a lace wig guide more than worth every cent.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Lace Front Wig

A lace front wig is constructed from lace at the front only with a stronger, more durable material at the back similar to that of a regular wig. It is secured with adhesive or tape around the front from ear to ear and either a machine made a cap with elastic or elastic straps built into it at the back.

The lack of need to adhere the wig with adhesive at the back as well as the front saves some time in application and as such may be more suitable for short-term or occasional wear due to less time required in preparation. However, the fact that the seam does not adhere around the entire perimeter of the head means that while the hair can still be worn in a low ponytail, it cannot be parted in any direction as it can with a full lace wig.


  • Lace front wigs are quicker and easier to apply than a full lace wig
  • You can wear a lace front wig off the face and at the back in a low ponytail
  • You can use a lace front wig over heavier hair
  • Breathable
  • Natural looking hairline
  • Suitable for extended wear


  • Lace front wigs are not as versatile restyling as full lace wigs

Full Lace Wig (with Beyonce)

Full lace wigs are not only for hair-loss sufferers. Today, the wig has broken through into mainstream fashion with celebrities from Beyonce to Taylor Swift sporting a full head of hair, thanks to a little help. Whether you suffer from hereditary baldness, have thinning hair, or simply want to try something new, lace wigs provide a natural-looking head of hair for any woman.

Beyonce full lace wig
Showing Beyonce wearing a full lace wig

Unlike a front lace wig, a full lace headpiece is created with a sheer lace base that covers the entire head. The lace is sewn into the top of the wig cap, and then individual hair strands are sewn into the lace. Full lace wigs can be parted anywhere, pulled up into high ponytails and other updos, and last longer than their front lace counterparts.


The durability of a full lace wig depends largely on how well it is cared for. Beyond care, the adhesives used and the wearer’s unique body chemistry factor into how long a wig can be worn. Women with hair loss or baldness can wear their wigs longer since the adhesive tends to stick better.

Generally, headpieces can be worn for two to three weeks at a time before needing to be removed and adhesive pre-applied. Full lace wigs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. The first step in choosing a wig is deciding on the cap style and color you want. Full lace cap styles largely depend on the wig you get, and most providers offer instructions on which style to opt for.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Full Lace Wig

They are constructed entirely on a lace base with a lace seam that is fixed around the entire circumference of the head (as opposed to just at the front from ear to ear as with a lace front wig). The hair used in the wigs is lightweight and versatile and can be parted at any point and in any direction.

The hair can be worn up, in a ponytail or braids. Because of the wider variety of styles available as well as the option for extended wear, they are very popular. They can take longer to put on than a lace front wig due to the wig needing to be secured with adhesive all the way around the head.

This can be an issue for those who only want to wear their lace wig occasionally and for shorter periods as they perhaps have less time to spare in preparation. It’s not an issue though if you intend to wear your wig for days or even a couple of weeks at a time. Full lace front wigs (or full lace wigs) use lace throughout the wig.

That makes these wigs easier to style since every part of the wig looks natural, not just the front hairline. They are far more breathable and comfortable to wear. However, they’re more expensive as well. Note that as a material, lace requires more care and attention than monofilament or polyurethane and others.

Thus, the more lace, the more care a wig will need. Natural looks, comfort, breathability and styling options do come at a cost, unfortunately.


  • They are more natural looking (undetectable) than other wigs
  • Hair and scalp below can breathe
  • They are comfortable and lightweight
  • They offer more versatile styling options
  • They can be worn for extended periods
  • You can sleep, workout and even swim in a full lace wig. Though chlorine and salt water can damage lace wig hair just as it can your own


  • It has to be glued around the entire perimeter of the head
  • It can be time-consuming to put on
  • Once you have considered your needs and the pros and cons of the lace wigs

Differences Between Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs

  • Full lace wig has an inside cap that is entirely covered with lace are considered to be versatile as various styles can be achieved with them and they are also perfect for ponytails, styles and other creative hairstyles
  • Unlike a full lace wig, a front lace wig is only lined with lace in the frontal part. The remaining part of the wig’s inside is made of a normal wig cap that has a netted texture
  • Full lace wigs cost more than lace front wig
  • A full lace wig covers the entire head and must be installed slightly different than a lace front wig that is only attached at the front edges of your head. It is best to wear a wig cap, especially when installing a full lace wig since it will be covering your entire head

Things You Should Consider Before Deciding Whether to Buy a Lace Front or Full Lace Wig

  • Are you very active, do you require an unusually secure wig
  • Do you intend to wear your wig occasionally or daily
  • Are you heavy-handed or gentle when styling your hair
  • How do you wish to style your hair
  • How much time do you have to put your wig on
  • Do you wish to change the colour, curl or straighten the hair of the wig

Here are 5 Tips to Buy the Best Lace Wigs

Once you understand the difference between full lace wigs and lace front wigs, it becomes easier to make a final choice based on your personal needs. Generally speaking, a full lace wig might be the better choice between these two kinds of lace wigs. But lace front wigs are much more affordable than full lace wigs since they cost much less lace.

The most important point is you may don’t know where you can get affordable lace wigs with good quality since there are so many hair vendors of human hair lace wigs and all of them label their products high quality, affordable and free shipping. Here are a couple of tips that will help you make a better choice:

1. What Type of Wig to Buy Synthetic or Human

Choosing the Synthetic

Choosing a synthetic wig
Showing a black woman wearing a synthetic wig


After having decided whether you’re going for a lace front wig or a full lace wig, based on your own needs and budget, the time has come to decide on the type of hair. Do you want or natural hair? Synthetic hair does look natural. Not as natural as human hair but they come really close. Synthetic hair is far cheaper (even ten times cheaper) than human hair lace wigs but is not as durable.

This means that, depending on how often you need to use your synthetic wig, you’ll soon have to replace it with a new one. It’s common for customers to purchase two synthetic hair wigs at a time to have a replacement ready, should they need it. Synthetic hair does not require as much attention as human hair does.

The best and most commonly seen synthetic wigs brands are Futura and Kanekalon. Both are iron safe up to 400f (Futura) and 200f (Kanekalon) respectively.

Choosing the Human Hair

Choosing a human wig
Showing a black woman wearing a human wig before and after


This is the most natural looking; they’re far more durable than synthetic hair. Styling wise, they’re exactly like one’s own hair; they can be cut, dyed, dried, styled anyhow. There are no limits really. However, they require as much care as your own, natural hair as well. They need to be shampooed, conditioned and dried.

Human hair lace front wigs are very expensive though when compared with synthetic hair. While a synthetic wig may start at $30, a human hair one may start at $200. However, some lace front wig companies combine human hair with low pricing. The most popular human hair types are Remy, Indian and European.

The majority of lace front wigs are made from synthetic materials and processed hair, which means they will only last for around six months. If you can find a supplier that offers lace front wigs that are made from unprocessed, 100% virgin human hair, then it will last much longer – but the price might be significantly more.

2. Who are You Buying From

Who are you buying from
Showing few of the biggest brands to buy online shopping

Check the Reviews

Many stores will offer you hundreds of testimonies on their official website, providing details of happy customers. Unfortunately, a lot of times these testimonies are falsely made to put the company in a good light. Instead of trusting testimonies on the company’s website, rather look for reviews on external sites, such as on YouTube.

Buy From Trusted Source Only

Never to buy from an individual store if you don’t know the brand before. If you are buying your wig online, be careful when you want to try something new online.

Consider Various Options

Browse the different options and review the styling choices you make on a daily basis before deciding which type of hair best suits your lifestyle. Those looking for a lightweight option enjoy the Indian Remy hair wigs. Those looking to extensively style and dye their wigs opt for Chinese Remy hair wigs.

Market Research

Before you go on and buy a lace front wig, you should conduct a thorough market research to make sure you get your wig at the lowest price possible. Some sellers are way out of place these days. Apart from pricing, you should always purchase from trusted, reliable vendors.

Market research is a long process. However some websites do not sell lace wigs directly; they do market research (price, merchant reliability, etc.) and present their findings publicly. It may be a good idea to start from there, after all, it only takes a couple of minutes (or much less)…

3. What Type of Hair Do You Want to Buy

Type of hair to buy
Showing a brunette woman thinking where to buy from

When you decide to buy a lace wig, one of the things you should also consider is the hair type, such as Indian Remy, which is the most common type of hair. However in addition to Indian Remy hair, there are many different types of virgin hairs available to-date such as Indian virgin which is the most popular, Chinese virgin hair has become increasingly popular due to its strength, texture, and ability to take color easily.

European and Malaysian virgin are both very soft and silky however European hair tends to be light in density and volume; whereby Malaysian hair possesses the right amount of density and size. Brazilian virgin hair is quite similar to Chinese hair with the strength in cuticles and texture, but it’s not as coarse. Russian virgin hair is comparable to European hair.

4. Dimensione Big, Small, Short or Long

The Length of the Wig

The length of the wig
Showing a brunette woman with different wig lengths

You should also consider the length of the wig you want to purchase. The hair length is a crucial aspect because it frames your face and alters your appearance in the public eye. For example, a short hair length may tell people that you’re very serious about who you are and what you do.

Depending on the haircut it can also state that you are a simple and sophisticated individual or that you’re edgy and radical. A long hair cut can shout sexy, adventurous and glamorous. The media influences consumers to believe that long hair is the real beauty. Whatever length you decide for, make sure it is something you are comfortable with.

The Size of the Wig

Before purchasing a lace wig, it is important to consider the size of your head. Purchasing a wig too small can really lead to discomfort while a size too big can make the wig lack fitting.

For example, if you wear a wig size 3, you should find out if your perfect size is 3a or 3b. If you mix these two, you might end up not getting the satisfaction you want from the wig. Don’t buy a wig if the wig size is not boldly written on it.

5. What Color and Texture Do You Want

Color and texture of the wig
Showing three women from behind with different color and texture wigs

About the Hair Colour

The next trait one would consider when buying a lace wig would be the hair color. The hair color speaks volume to your overall appearance. Most people choose their hair color based on their skin tone. The idea is to brighten your skin tone and facial features your face stands out regardless of your attire.

In addition, your hair color can also complement your attire and makeup application. When buying a wig, it is important to choose a color you are comfortable wearing and a color that doesn’t have too much contrast with your skin. Another reason why it is important to consider the lace color is that the color of the lace determines the natural look of the wig.

Laces come in various colors: transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown to match different skin colors. However, most manufacturers build their lace wigs using a neutral lace color that can match all skin colors.

About the Hair Texture

The last trait one would consider when buying a full lace wig is, of course, the hair texture. The hair texture chosen depends on your facial structure and body figure.

For example, straight long hair can make you appear slimmer. Curly hair can give the appearance of volume within the face and body. Straight hair also tends to be the easiest to maintain, whereby curly hair requires a bit more patience and time.

Extra Tip: Taking Care of Your Lace Wigs

Taking care of your lace wigs
Showing the steps to take care of your lace wigs

Lace wigs are a great investment so buying one surely warrants being 100% sure you are getting the best investment for your money.

A guide would help and reassure you in as much as confirming yours is a good purchase and one that certainly deserves the right care.

Lace wigs need certain accessories in order to use and keep in pristine condition; you would want to be sure that you are buying the right products for your purchase, more importantly, that they do not cause it any damage through being wrong or inferior. Listed below are some of the ways you can take care of your lace wigs.

  • It is essential to apply quality hair related cosmetics to maintain wigs and hair to make them long lasting
  • Purchase good quality lace unit stand for the protection of your wig. While you are not utilizingream the hair system, maintain it on the stand. It will assist the unit to continue its real shape
  • Purchase a lace wig cap protectant sealer. This will easily prolong the life of your lace wig. What the protectant is sealing are the hairs knotted on the lace. Over time, these hairs can shed from regular washing or brushing. The product also helps to strengthen the lace front for adhesives to adhere to easily
  • A wide tooth comb should be used instead of one of the harsher brushes that many people use. It will decrease the chance of tangles and shedding of cuticles. Since many people pull too harshly on their own hair when brushing, the wide tooth comb will lessen the effect of a heavy hand
  • Wash the lace wig in lukewarm water, dipping it in and out to ensure that the residue is removed. Squeeze all the water out before applying conditioner to the wig. To detangle the hairpiece, use a solution of ¼ cup bleach to 1 gallon of hot water
  • Invest in shampoos and cleaners. Lace wig shampoo and lace cleansers are not one in the same. Some lace wig shampoos are simply meant for the hair on a lace wig while others are multipurpose to cleanse out remaining glue from lace and cleanse the hair. You will need both products so make sure to read what you’re buying before purchase
  • When washing, always remember to let it thoroughly dry. Handle the lace wig with care, and keep the lace clean

Knowing the difference between a full lace and front lace wig is important for any person who wishes to buy a wig. This will allow you to make a much better choice. A front lace wig is often preferred among buyers who are on a budget but would like a wig that enables them to hide their hairline.

These wigs come in a variety of styles, making them perfect for almost any person. Whatever step you take and whichever trait you place as most important when buying your hair system, ensure you’re doing so for your own personal interest and improvement and not for the approval of others.

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