Real hair wigs – Give your crowning glory a new twist

Looking for Remy hair extensions or real hair wigs made with Brazilian hair? You don’t need to worry at all! If you want to wear a wig that looks authentic, there are cheap wigs that are made with 100% human hair that boasts a similar natural shine and texture as normal hair. A high quality real hair wig can last from 1 to 2 years if properly maintained. This means that real human hair wigs are ideal for those suffering from long term hair loss. Here are other reasons why you should wear these wigs.

real human hair wigs
Medium Length Wigs for Women Human Hair Wigs Mixed Real Human Hair

Choose your style

Real hair wigs for women are not usually offered in a specifically cut style. They’re usually offered uncut and the wearer picks the style he or she likes. Whether you’re looking for short wigs or wigs for cancer patients, you can get what you want. Since the hair is real, the styling options are similar to normal hair. You can curl or straighten your hair. One thing you need to remember is that unlike real hair, the individual strands in wigs cannot be replaced. So, take care when styling or brushing your hair.

real hair wigs for women
Real Short Human Hair Wigs for Women

Custom-made for a great fit

Real hair wigs can be customized to fit your exact head size. This means that there is no danger of the wig accidentally falling off. The wig is safe and you can lead an active life without worrying that your wig might dislodge. If you’re suffering from long term hair loss, a real hair wig can help you lead a normal and happy life.

Realistic appearance and feel

Wigs with real hair are the closest you can get to natural hair. These wigs respond like natural hair. Colors can be removed or added. They can also absorb moisture. Aside from their realistic appearance, they also feel like natural hair. Strands are strung through 2 layers of a gauze-like base material, so there’s no noticeable link between the hair and the base. The strands look like they are growing out of the scalp. There are other wigs to pick from. Lace front wigs offer a practically invisible front hairline. Wigs with monofilament tops, on the other hand, have strands that are independently knotted on top in order for them to move more naturally.

The added security and realistic appearance of cheap real hair wigs boost the wearer’s self-confidence. These wigs are not just perfect for those with hair loss problems. Those who want to try a new hairstyle without cutting or dyeing their hair can also benefit from wigs real hair.

wigs real hair
Real Women’s mix brown hair wig

Just remember though that these wigs require extra care. Always place the wig on a hair stand or mannequin after taking it off.  Make sure your scalp isn’t oily as it may give the wig a greasy look or cause it to slip away. Don’t wash your wig every day as it may break down or thin out. If you want to style your wig, just use a gentle brush and don’t style it when it’s wet.