The Most Powerful Hair Dryer Review - SalonPro Hair Dryer (1)

The Most Powerful Hair Dryer: SalonPro

It takes some outstanding features to be the outstanding and the most powerful hair dryer in the competitive market of hair dryers. Before looking for the most powerful hairdryer make sure you are aware of features and specifications such hair dryers must have.

Stick to the article and explore all the needed informations you are seeking for professionals and powerful hairdryers. Let’s seep into the features to look for in powerful hairdryers

Features To Look For In Powerful Hairdryers

Right hair tools magically work wonders for unruly hair. Such tools can transform the hat lover women to the slaying vixens.

To be the list of amongst such ravishing devas be skeptical about cheap heating products, and look for the good ones. Same goes for when choosing a powerful hairdryer for your regular use. 

Here are some things to look for when purchasing a powerful hairdryer:

  1. Motors
  2. Wattage
  3. Technology
  4. Accessories
  5. Additional considerations (Warranty, Ergonomics, etc.)

1. Motors

Hairdryers commonly have two types of motors: AC and DC. Conventionally, AC motors are used in the saloon for the professional use owing to their powerful airflow, resulting in quick hair drying. 

Comparative to DC motors, AC motors are heavier due to the larger size, but they have a longer life.


  • Larger/heavier motor
  • Slower RPMs(Results-based Performance Management System) – about 1500-2000
  • More durable motor -700-1200 hours
  • Less noisy
  • Powerful airflow
  • More expensive

  • Smaller/lighter motor
  • Faster RPMs(Results-based Performance Management System) – about 5000/6000
  • The typical lifespan of 400-700 hours
  • Noisier than the AC motor
  • Air flow is not as powerful as AC

2. Wattage

Wattage refers to the power consumption by the electric appliances. The more is the wattage, the more is the power consumption and ultimately, the more power it will consume to run the dryer’s motor. 

Professional hair dryers are of 1875w or more. Such a high wattage is needed owing to the need for strong airflow and high heat capability for drying hair quickly and efficiently. For domestic purposes, 1600w is good enough to handle.

3. Technology

Besides the above-mentioned factors, the latest technologies contribute a lot in making a hairdryer professionally powerful. These technologies can give faster results and create any style you desire.

Cool Touch

For the safety of hands and heads, this technology ensures for keeping the exterior of the hair dryer attachments cool.


Hair dryers equipped with ionic technology are super fast and good for hair health. The negative ions decompose the water molecules for faster drying but also retains moisture in the hair for healthier, long-term outcomes. Moreover, the negative ions neutralize positively charged ions in the hair, thus, reducing hair frizz and condition the hair.

Noise reduction

This technology makes the hairdryer inaudible. Therefore, allowing you to watch your favorite serials while drying your hair in a serene environment.


This technology ensures to provide consistent heat for drying the hair evenly throughout. It also prevents the scalp from overheating or drying out. Temperature Control Chip: This high-end vanguard monitors the temperature output for the safety of clients’ hair.


Ceramic hair dryers are meant for even heat distribution. The heat flow is so mild that it doesn’t damage hair follicles.


Tourmaline is taken as the world’s best ionic and infrared generator. It breaks down larger water molecules so that they evaporate rapidly. The tourmaline helps to dry hair faster while retaining the natural moisture so that hair remains healthy and shiny.

4. Features And Accessories

There are multiple features, settings, and accessories available with the professional hair dryers:

Cord Length

Professional dryers own longer cord lengths to allow maneuvering, typically 8-9 inches.


It lifts, and separates hair to boost its natural texture. It dries hair without ruining its style. Moreover, it also reduces frizz and improves curl definition.

Dryer Pik Attachment

It aids in adding volume to the roots in fine hair or can be used to straighten extremely curly hair by using low heat while gently detangling and stretching out the curl.

Concentrator Nozzle

Focuses the airflow or heat for more precise styling.

Cool Shot Button

Provides a blast of cooler air to help set styles.

Long or Short Barrel

This is the personal preference of hairstylists. Some stylists prefer to hold a dryer by the barrel. The European dryer models have sturdy barrels for concentrated air flow.

Removable Filter

It is a mandatory feature of a professional dryer. The removable filters resolve the issues of the clogged filters as they reduce airflow, slow drying time, and reduce the motor life span.

ALCI Safety Plug

“Appliance Leakage Current Interrupter” plugs act as a safety measure to prevent electrical shocks.

5. Additional Considerations

There are some extra and optional factors to consider before buying a professional powerful hair dryer:


A well-built dryer must own a comfortable handle with well-placed settings. Moreover, it must possess a good overall balance to prevent hand fatigue. Interestingly, even a lightweight dryer with poor ergonomics can cause undue stress on a stylist’s hands and wrists.


Keenly read all the details regarding the warranty of hairdryers before making a purchase. Warranties by many of the manufacturers don’t cover shipping fees and shipping the dryer to the manufacturer. Ultimately, it might cost nearly as much as replacing it right away.

Purchasing your dryer from an expert beauty supplier, you are often granted additional coverage by their return policy. Also, take into consideration, there are other less-than-obvious ways to dissolve your warranty, such as buying from an unauthorized dealer, failing to unplug the dryer or wrapping the cord around the dryer when storing it.

A good hairdryer doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. Domestic hairdryers possess many of such features and are easily available as well. However, professional hairdryers are meant for drying the hair of countless heads per month. Therefore, it will be much bias if you still feel hesitant to invest in your professional and powerful hairdryers. 

The Most Powerful Hair Dryer: SalonPro Multi-Zone+ Hair Color Processor & Dryer Accelerator w/Rolling Base


The SalonPro is not like conventional hair dryers. It is outstanding and very unique owing to its contemporary features and design.

The SalonPro company claims to “understand the importance of having the right tools for the job in the highly competitive, demanding, and ever-changing beauty industry with over 20  years of experience in the beauty industry.” Moreover according to them “ We take pride in the quality of our products and the value they bring to thousands of hair stylists and beauty salons’ nationwide.”

The hairdryer has a raving response from its customers and the features of this hairdryer justify it all. This model offers digital multi-zone controls. It allows individual temperature control for each of it’s 5 independent heater and fan zones. The Multi-Zone+ is competent for processing hair color and other treatments in up to half the time compared to conventional methods. Amazingly, these fans are effortlessly controlled through the digital touch control panel.


This is quiet, easy to use, and a convenient hairdryer. Its rolling base allows maneuvering. Durable construction and high-quality components have served the years of trouble-free service. 


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  • It is a quiet hairdryer 
  • Has Ozone hair treatment for recovering damaged hair
  • Has a versatile heat settings option
  • Accelerator instantly dries hair without damaging them
  • Convenient, quiet, and easy to use


  • According to a user, the adjustment knob is really difficult to us


  1. Speeds up chemical treatments and color processing by up to 50%
  2. Multi-zone digital controls
  3. 5 independently controlled infrared heaters 
  4. Built-in fans for each zone
  5. Includes O-Zone (O3) hair treatment function to protect damaged hair
  6. Heavy-duty construction
  7. Designed technically for professional use
  8. Has a rolling base and stand 
  9. Adjustable height and angle



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