Top 10 Wig Brands in 2020

This article is here to help you in deciding the best wig brands for yourself in 2020. Everyone has varying requirements and preferences, and each company offers something different or offers a competitive advantage. Hence, for your ease we have shortlisted some of the best wig brands keeping in view the quality, demand, and durability of the products. 

1. Remy Hair Wigs

Remy hair is the product of the donor’s hair in such a way that the hair cuticles are aligned in a proper way in accordance with their neighbouring hair. Hence, by keeping the hair structure in this way the hair remains softer, smoother, and silkier, making them useful to manufacture high-quality wigs, and extensions. Remy hair are not bound to be the virgin hair. The highlighting feature of remy hair is an intact cuticle and the manner in which hair is plucked or harvested. The remy hair can be dyed and straightened. Contrary to Remy hair, non-remy hair are the locks gathered from the saloon’s floor after the haircut then, these hair strands are recycled into a weft. Unlike the remy hair, the hair cuticles face haphazard directions hence causing the major reason of hair tangling. The sellers are already aware of the drawback of non-remy hair therefore they dip the hair in a silicone solution and disguise the hair.  The greatest perks Remy hair wigs enjoy are they offer a very realistic and natural appearance of hair without any discomfort. Unlike synthetic hair wigs Remy hair wigs can be styled in according to personal preferences. Unfortunately, human hair is depleting in the market owing to their high demand. 

Beat The Heat 

The comfort level of Remy hair wigs can not be challenged even under the scorching sun. The Remy hair wigs feel as your own hair and are super comfortable to carry in Summer season. 

At the moment, Remy brand does not sell wigs on Amazon. Make a web search to find local seller to purchase one.

2. Envy Wigs

The pioneer of Envy wigs collection is Alan Eaton, who has shown her remarkable skills through her work. The best selling wigs of Envy is Petite Paige wig that has the stunning bob haircut that creates the illusion of natural hair. Alyssa, Bobby, Brianna, and Tiffany are the other best selling wigs by Envy that are available in the price range of 139.9$ – 111.0$. Envy is a very versatile brand of wigs that has incorporated the wigs according to the seasons. It has introduced separate wigs range for Summers and Winters. You’ll never be bored by celebrating the glorifying range of colours Envy offers to its customers. Moreover, Envy has focused on eco-friendly packaging and materials that are cordial with Mother Earth.

Crazy Add-ons 

Apart from the wigs line it also offers hair add-ons that are more than perfect for individuals wanting more body and coverage for fine or thin hair, and even for the ones who just want to extra volume their do.  They are available in ten most popular colors. The lightest tones are made from human hair with synthetic strands blended in to achieve the most realistic color schemes. They can be trimmed for blending them seamlessly into your hairstyle, adding body, length, and fullness for an energetic look.

3. Jon Renau

Jon Renau is amongst the world’s leading international manufacturers of wigs. He has come up with innovative wigs that are the most comfortable, fashion forward and easy to go. He has introduced the wide and versatile range of hair accessories, wigs, extensions, and hair replacements.  The signature and glamorous haircuts of John Renau’s wigs are pixie, shaggy, long layered, curly and straight haircuts. The sultry greys are one of the Jon Renau’s most sophisticated wigs including Julianne, Kristi and Ruby. They are super elegant and stylish to make you look like a style icon. The price of these wigs range between $108.80 and $897.60. Undoubtedly, Jon Renau is a hot customer of wig brands.

Versatile Range Of Wigs 

You name the type and you’ll surely find it John Renau’s wigs range. The wigs collection of John Renay caters the HD (heat defiant), men, juniors, women, professionals, synthetic, human hair, remy hair, and lace front wigs. It even possess the head wears, care plus styling products, and additional accessories. 

4. Ellen Wille & Christy’s Wigs

Get ready to enjoy the Ellen Wille collections that offer an impressive selection of contemporary wig styles, natural colours and vibrant shades. The versatile range of ravishing colors include champaign mix, espresso mix, chocolate mix, mocca mix and sandy blonde rooted.  It’s super impressive to know that Ellen Wille is recognized worldwide for her distinct cap construction, quality hair and dimensional colors. The lux collection of Ellen Wille is purely  hand tied encompassing a monofilament with a beautiful lace front. The most demanded wigs of Ellen are emotion, Cascade, Obsession, Award, Delicate and Trinity Plus that worths between $128-$1424.  Regardless of wig type you choose Ellen offers equally a quality workmanship and a perfect cut for all. It aims that the ultimate comfort meets the absolute luxury. It has introduced an innovative hair power collection as well. Moreover, it has introduced the whole separate range of wigs for the confident, stylish and convincing Men’s collection. Now, upgrading your with the gorgeous hair pieces and accessories will be more enjoyable for you than it was ever before. 

Ellen Offers An alternatives for Wig Wearers

Ellen has brought a classic and an innovative idea in its wigs collection for all the lovely ladies that are seeking an alternative for wigs. Latifa is all it has come up with. It is a completely unique range of sophisticated turbans, caps and light scarves. 

5. Sunwell Wigs

The Sunwell is the world’s most extensive online wig retail and wholesale company that produces an extensive kinds 100% human hair products. You’ll come across the most popular hair extensions and lace wig offered by Sunwell. Now you must be wondering for the significant products of Sunwell wigs. Well, the most significant ones are full lace human hair wigs, Lace front virgin hair wigs, 360 Lace Frontal, Lace Closure, Silk Base Lace Closure , Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions, Ombre Lace Front Wig ,Glueless Full Lace Wigs,Human Hair Bundles and other accessories.  Sunwell is plainly about wigs makers. Hence, the product quality is under strict control before they leave the factory. It offers a cordial customer care with its affordable price and fast delivery advantage.

Wearable For All Kinds Of Weather 

The versatile weather baring feature of the Sunwell wig has made it a star of the show. Whether it’s the freezing environment of Antarctica or you are melting in the scorching heat of Jamaica it is wearable for all weather conditions. 

6. Gabor

If you are fond of  classic, elegant and shorter style wigs then surely you’ll never miss out the chance of buying Gabor wigs. The wig “Honesty” by Gabor collection is one of the most popular and stylish ones that is available at the most affordable price of under $100.  Gabor manufactures its wigs with heat friendly synthetic hair fiber. The wide velvet comfort band renders extra security from slipping or falling off and also prevents friction.  The wig ‘Lasting impression’ by Gabor, is the synthetic lace front wig made with sheer-lace front and a monofilament part for styling the hair in a customised way. The subtle rooted colors of the Gabor wigs gives a remarkably realistic look. The most expensive wigs by Gabor cost above $200.

Multiple Options One Solution

You’ll not only enjoy the wigs collection of Gabor in fact all your choices will narrow into one once you opt for Gabor. It has come up with the range of headwears including hats, turbans, sleeping caps, bamboo hats, scarves, men’s and kids hats, jewelry, clothing and gifts for your loved ones.

7. Amore

Amore amongst one of the most renowned brands founded by Rene of Paris. It offers versatile wigs ranging from ienumerable range of colors. Amore manufactures the monofilament wigs in a very professional way which are constructed by using a soft cap rather than wefting. The Amore wigs are made from high-quality material. It gives a very natural look and feel to your scalp and is the most comfortable one. Whether, you are seeking for natural and elegant styles due to hair loss or scalp insensitivity or want to look like a fashion diva then Amore wigs should be the brand of choice. Their hand-tied monofilament lace front collection is another flawless collection of wigs. The price of these wigs range from $75.0 up to $1000. The innovative cap constructions sets this brand apart, it features a light, soft, breathable, and stretchable materials for all-day comfort. Their exclusive Amore XO and XO plus cap constructions is equipped with a well-ventilated net to cover the hair knotting, extended lace front, and wefts sewn directly onto soft net materials that adjusts according to the shape of the head. It comes with some additional features like non-slip silicone on both sides of the ear and nape and custom fit adjustable bands for maximum security and comfort.

Regain Your Bygone Confidence 

Whether you are seeking flawless comfort due to hair loss, scalp sensitivity, or exceptional  styles to satisfy your inner fashionista, the Amore wings are hundred percent hand-tied Monofilament Lace Front Wig Collection will give your desirable looks.

8. Raquel Welch 

Raquel Welch is the Hollywood legend, fashion icon and the pioneer of fantabulous style of wigs that are named after her. Her ravishing wig collection are comfortable, lighter and easy to wear.  Her widely appreciated range of wigs are Love, love, love, Brave the wave, Downtime, Go for it, Infatuation elite. Feel like a dazzling deva and wake your inner fashionista while wearing long, lustrous and cozy Raquel welch wigs. Most of her wids are affordable ranging from $25-$100 and over.

A Total Variation Of Signature Collection

The significant range of wigs by Raquel Welch includes Dare To Be, Modern Love, Maximum Impact, If You Dare, Watch Me Wow, Chick It Up, Simmer, Flirt Alert, Go For It, Brave The Wave, Voltage Elite, Work It, Winner, Whispr, Trees, Upstage, Trend Setter, and Tango. 

9. Revlon

No one in the world is unaware of the brand Revlon. Whether you talk about Revlon’s fire and ice lipstick or you celebrate Revlon Kiss me Coral vintage lipstick you’ll never be disappointed.  Revlon has conquered the market with its versatile products including cosmetics, hair dryers, and much more. And now, it has taken over the market with its entirely new collection of wigs as well. Some of its most captivating bold collection wigs include Frenzie, Vintage, Tango, Red carpet, Rebel, and Diva. 

It’s Revlon and You Already Know It

From long curvaceous loose curls to short funky wigs, only Revlon can give you that glamorous, sophisticated and confident looks. Revlon Wigs are an alternative name for the  class, sophistication and a touch of glamour. There are eighty plus styles to choose from, varying from timeless classics to the more refined haircuts. Since the early 1930s, the Revlon brand has been known for its  affordable, quality materials, offering both monofilament and wefted constructions which are made using human or synthetic hair.

10. Forever Young 

The brand name is enough to explain itself. Every women desire to look young forever even if they age with time the exciting collection of Forever Young wigs will make them look  sophisticated and chic, one could never feel aged. These wigs make your age truly undetectable.  They not only offer the traditional bold colors but also a myriad of mesmerizing blonde or brown mixed blends. Their some of wigs like Roll with it, Indie waves, Vintage Vixen, Picture perfect and Classic page and Parisian bob are high in demand.

Unveil The Most Trendy Side Of Yours  

Radiate the finesse with Forever Young Wigs collection, your every day will be a great hair day as you’ll have the most realistic and natural look. The lightweight and secure fitting wigs offer you the comfort and confidence to spend your day with ease and robust energy.  They even offer incredible quality and affordability. The high quality standards and an unmatched comfort of these wigs make them look like as your real hair, allowing you to style your hair in just about any way you’d like. The customize styling and versatility allows you to create any look for any occasion.

What are the 10 best-selling high-end wig brands?

The best wigs brands are Remy hair, Envy, Jon Renau, Ellen Wille, Sunwell, Gabor, Amore, Raquel Welch, Revlon and Forever Young.

What is the best wig brand?

Remy, Envy and Jon Renau are the most high quality wig brands making you look natural and comfortable in all weather conditions.

What is the best wig brand from China?

Mostly wigs are manufactured in China or Indonesia. However, the hair is harvested in different countries. Chinese hair is generally strong, coarse, but not very flexible in nature. China is one of the biggest wig manufacturing countries that supplies all over the world. Lordhair, a Chinese hair replacement company is one of the best wig brands from China. Their hair system is absolutely undetectable and natural. The company has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying stock and custom wigs across the globe for more than 10 years.