Top 7 Most Easy “No Heat Hairstyles”

Top 7 Most Easy “No Heat Hairstyles”

If you are amongst those who want to enjoy the roller coaster ride and afraid of it, want to look trendy and obnoxious about your looks, and want to try out new hairstyles but afraid of heating tools then, it’s not a wrong decision you just made to visit this page.

Almost every girl have experienced a fierce battle between her hairstyling and the heating products. Some might have quit using the straighteners because they have terribly ruined the elasticity of their hair.

And, some of you must have disposed off their curling or heating rods because they are enough to create a needless frizz to your hair.

Sit back, relax and have a chilling glass of minty lemonade in your one hand while with the other keep scrolling down to find the top no heat hairstyles for yourself.

Why to Prefer No Heat Hairstyles?

Frequently changing hairstyles is not at all a bad idea until the heating tools intervenes. The more your hair is exposed to heat, the more unfavorable your hair’s health becomes.

Before getting yourself in a dreadful condition, awareness for using heating tools (straighteners, ironing rods, and crimp tool) is mandatory. Hence, thoroughly read the disadvantages of exposing yourself with heating tools

Make sure you check out the drawbacks of frequently using the straighteners as well.

Top 7 Most Easy “No Heat Hairstyles”  

Following hairstyles are chosen considering the availability of accessories required, and the comfort level of the hairstyle. They are perfect especially for the summer season and nothing bad even if you try in winters as well.

1. Bohemian Side Braid

1. Bohemian Side Braid
1. Bohemian Side Braid

Braiding always adds an edge to your looks. You can either let your hair swing randomly or decently tie them in a stylish way.The Bohemian side braid is the best example of a messy and volumized hair braid. It’s more or less like a fishtail braid with a classic punch of a front hair twist.

2. Heatless Curls

Use an old scarf to achieve the flawless curls. Think in a sustainable way and make use of your old scarfs which you are about to discard.

It might take you an hour to twist and twirl your hair around the scarf but, the end result will amaze you. The curls will stay in shape for a long time period as compared to the curls you achieve from the heating rods.

Another best way to opt for is sock curls. Socks are available in the very next drawer you might be sitting with. Grab a pair of some and feel free to achieve the heatless curls.

2. Heatless Curls
2. Heatless Curls

Regardless of your long hair, you can still achieve the voluminous curls simply by making the small tight knots of your hair with the help of rubber bands or scrunchies.

Exerting in creating a perfect hairstyle in scorching summers is very exhausting. No heat and no hair products are required for flaunting the heatless waves and curls  in summers.

3. Twisted Half-Up

3. Twisted Half-Up
3. Twisted Half-Up

For your very classy and elegant looks don’t miss out the twisted half-up hairdo.

This hairstyle looks darling and sugary on any occasion you are planning to head on. Get ready to receive the warm and hearty compliments for this simple yet, a voguish hairstyle.

4. Celtic Knot

This simple hairstyle is best when you are out of bobby pins or hair ties. Get over whining for the hair accessories and directly jump into celtic knot hairstyle.

It is a super easy hairstyle to achieve in no time. All you have to do is to grab the strand of hair from both sides of your hair and keep knotting until the two sides join at a junction. And voila! You are ready to flaunt your hair.

4. Celtic Knot
4. Celtic Knot

5. Heatless Hairstyles for Short, Medium, and Long Hair

For achieving a simple look with a single hairstyle for all lengths of hair, all you need to be an expert is in sectioning your hair creatively.

Start with sectioning your hair, form a mesmerizing side swept rope twist. You can either go for both sides of your section or can play around with a single side and leave the rest of your hair open.

Another hot shot is for the french twist. It’s a very minimal, textured, and a moderately messy hair look.

Topsy tails it’s another perfect and super easy hairstyle. They are long-lasting and flawless for layered hair. All you need is clear elastics to achieve this look.

6. Messy Bun or a Ballet Bun?

Buns are the day to day part of every girl’s life.

“Taking a shower” form a bun, “mopping the floor” form a bun, “sucking the noodles” form a bun, and “leaving for a night party” even then a messy bun is always there to handle your looks.

Ballet buns are not behind even, they look awesome in formal occasions as well.

7. The Braided Space Buns

And, this one is a straightaway thumbs up hairstyle for your summers. It’s travel friendly and super comfortable hairstyle to wear. All you have to do is to part your hair and pull your hair into two ponytails. Form a braid, and keep rolling and rolling the braids till you get a bun shape. Secure it with the bobby pins and you are ready to get out with your friends in no time.

8. Criss-Cross Your Hair Into This Simple Low Bun

You must’ve heard about hot cross buns in your childhood. But, criss-cross low bun is the invention of the 20th century. The name itself suggests clearly what the hairstyle is all about.


It’s not at all a big piece of cake to bite when it comes at styling your hair. Most of us can deal in styling with their hair.

The issue arrives for those who can’t manage to carry even the short hair. This article combined all the easy heatless hairstyles for the beginners, and for the ones who take too long to style their hair.

Primarily, heatless is the concern because once the natural glam is gone, it’s gone forever.