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What are the Differences Between Hair Dryers vs Blow Dryers?

It’s always the differences which reveal the true colors of the choices, people, and even the products. Technology has introduced immense variations of fashion equipment. You name them and you’ll find yourself lost.

Two types of such varying equipment are blow dryers and hair dryers. They are frequently used but often confused with their usage and purpose.

Stick to the article and explore the amazing differences between the hair dryers and blow dryers which you must be unaware of before joining us. 

The Main Difference: Hair Dryers for Drying Hair

The Main Difference: Hair Dryers for Drying Hair

The core difference between the hair dryer and the blow dryer is, the term blow dryer is used in the USA while the hairdryer is commonly considered in British English. More precisely, a blow dryer can be used to dry anything while a hair dryer in particular for hair. 

A blow dryer can either be electric or non-electric but, a hairdryer is strictly an electric tool. Besides drying hair dryers also help in creating hairstyles as hair gets volume and style that stays for a long time with the help of these machines. 


Manufacturing Differences In Blow Dryers and Hair Dryers

Hair Dryers

  • It is an electromagnetic styling tool.
  • It has a shape like a gun, with the settings that can blow out cool or hot air to dry out the hair according to the user’s requirements.
  • It is equipped with a motor around which different conducting coils are wrapped to keep the temperature in check.
  • There are settings for speed also with a fan inside that rotates slowly as slow speed and at great speed when the user requires to shape or style his hair.
  • The body of the hair dryers is usually made with plastics. 

Blow Dryers
  • Blow dryers come with additional accessories like diffusers, combs, and other stuff that increases the importance of this drying tool.
  • They have a ceramic heater that turns on and blows out hot air for drying out wet hair instantly


Hair Dryer vs Blow Dryer

As we explained the main difference between hair dryers and blow dryers, here are some more differences between the two

Blow DryersHair Dryers
  • The blow dryer can be used to dry any part of the body.
  • Blow dryer gives more pressurized air as contrary to a hairdryer
  • The blow dryer is a term used in American English.
  • A blow dryer can either be electric or non-electric.
  • A hairdryer strictly works to dry hair.
  • The temperature of the hair dryer is less than the blow dryer.
  • The hair dryer is a term used in British English.
  • A hairdryer is strictly an electric tool.


Hoping, this article is helpful for clearing the foggy concepts of the most commonly used styling equipment.