Why Bonnet Hair Dryers Bonnet Hair Drying in Detail

Why Bonnet Hair Dryers? Bonnet Hair Drying in Detail

The factor which makes bonnet hair dryers different from the rest is the ionic technology and the drying of hair at a faster rate.

There are countless advantages of using the bonnet hair dryers.

Why to Own a Bonnet Hair Dryer?

They are super comfortable to use, portable, ideal for hair drying with treatments, they disperse the heat evenly throughout your scalp which makes sure your hair dries evenly and avoids putting too much stress on individual sections of hair. Lastly and specifically they are the ever best option for drying the hair keeping in mind the health of your hair.

Other dryers while drying the hair also absorbs the moisture of the scalp whereas the bonnet hair dryers are the reverse for it. The hooded cap especially of the soft bonnet dryer are an excellent choice for keeping the moisture of the scalp.

The other factor which makes the soft bonnet hair stands out amongst the rest is they are the best example of multi-tasking. You can wash your dishes, watch your movie, and even do the laundry while wearing the soft hooded cap. Let the soft bonnet hair dryer do its job.

Additionally, it comes with a feature of rolling the hair as fast as it can. No more hustle in manually rolling your hair with the traditional hair rollers.  

Types of Bonnet Hair Dryers

There are two types of bonnet hair dryers. One is the bonnet hair dryer which you have been seeing since your childhood. This one is called the ”hard bonnet hair dryer”. The second one is the soft bonnet hair dryer which came into existence after the miraculous invention of a hard bonnet hair dryer.

Hard bonnet hair dryers are more professional and faster than the soft bonnet ones that’s why the former one is preferred in saloons. Nonetheless, the soft bonnet hair dryers are good for portable and personal use at homes.

More specifically soft bonnet hair dryers are better for coarse and natural hair. This is because they disperse heat more evenly than most hard bonnet hair dryers or a traditional handheld hair dryer.

Delicate natural hair needs this kind of gentle drying. Hard bonnet hair dryers, on the other hand, are better for those with thinner or straight hair. Due to a lower overall dry time, thinner hair will be fine either way.

A portable soft bonnet hair dryers have the biggest advantage over the hard bonnet hair dryers. The former one has the minimum the tendency for hair damage because the soft bonnet type doesn’t focus on just one scalp section.

Which Bonnet Hair Dryer is Best for You?

For buying the bonnet hair dryers several factors are must to keep in mind. Your hair type most importantly, features of the bonnet hair dryer including the heat settings, and size of the bonnet, and the attachments or the quality of the hose of the bonnet dryer.

Lastly, of course, we can not neglect the budget.  

Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers in the Market

Laila Ali LADR5604 ionic soft bonnet hair dryer though it’s expensive than the rest and gets heat up over time it offers the best drying and deep conditioning for hair.

After Laila Ali, Conair soft bonnet hair dryer is preferable. It does not have an updated and modern appearance. Still, the best factor it has is that its ultra-compact light, plus it does not make loud sounds like the rest soft bonnet hair dryers.

When coming to the Hair Flair’s new and improved Softhood bonnet hair dryer attachment, it is another soft bonnet hair dryer but not as good as the two mentioned above. Though it is easy to set and clean, unfortunately, it needs a separate hair dryer.

If you are looking the soft bonnet hair dryer for thick and curly hair then surely you should not miss the chance to buy Andis 500-Watt professional bonnet hair dryer. It has a very stylish appearance but it comes with only two settings low or medium.

Hot Tools professional 800-watt ionic soft bonnet hair dryer is one of those soft bonnet dryers whose hose locks into the place securely. It is super convenient for travelling and comes with ionic technology. The drawback for this dryer is, high heat settings of the dryer are very hot.

Best Hard Bonnet Hair Dryers in the Market

Coming over to hard bonnet hair dryers. It is preferred by the people with traditional mindsets and widely used in saloons.

Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer comes with the two adjustable heat settings and it is not as loud as the rest of the hard bonnet hair dryers. Unfortunately, it does not have a durable body according to the user reviews.

Hot Tools Professional 1200 Watt Salon Hair Dryer is a min size hard bonnet hair dryer. It is super compact and lightweight. Regardless of its cute height and portability, it is not preferable for curly hair as the hood is very small. Secondly, its height is not adjustable.

Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt High Heat Portable Salon Dryer is meant for those who want their hair to be dry with zero percent chance of moisture left in them. It comes with 2-speed options / 4 heat options. Achieve the saloon-like looks in no time and feel confident to use this hard bonnet hair dryer. The only drawback it has is that it’s not portable.

Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer is another very popular hair dryer in the world of hair dryers. People with thick, afro curls can blindly trust this product and can achieve the quality results in no time. Sadly it is too noisy to disrupt the activities.

After reading this blog post it’s evident you are in a better condition to select a bonnet hair dryers for yourself. Just keep in mind your hair type and texture then go for the type of bonnet hair dryer you want for yourself.