Why to choose a soft bonnet hair dryer

Why to Own Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer?

Ready to go for an interview, party or hangout? Wear the perfume, dress up well and wait… Exasperated about the malfunctioning hair dryer? All the excitement of the event must have transformed to the panicking situation. No need to worry about when “soft bonnet hair dryer” is your friend to rely upon.

What Is “soft” in Soft Bonnet Hair?

If you’re after portability and easy storage of a soft bonnet dryer, you’re in the right place. Although a hard hat dryer can give you a salon-like experience, they are big, clunky and those table-top ones can sometimes fall in your face. If you’ve had enough of that or just wants something you can easily bring along with you, then getting the best soft bonnet hair dryer is a must with the comfortable cap and soft texture of the material.

Difference of Soft and Hard Bonnet Hair Dryers
Soft and Hard Bonnet Hair Dryers

How to Use Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer?

The Professional Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer is a modern spin on the traditional salon hood dryer. This compact dryer features Ionic technology for gentle drying. Simply place the bonnet over your hair and choose from four heat settings, high, medium, low or cool to start drying. The bonnet cap will expand and blow out heat inside the dryer. Great for regular drying, deep conditioning treatments and wet sets.

Perks of Purchasing Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Even the slightest manoeuvre of the muscles have the reasons to be moved than, why can not the dead product posses the reasons to be purchased? Let’s dig deep and get to know the treasures of purchasing the “soft bonnet hair dryer”.

  • One does not have to wait hefty time for the bonnet dryer to get hot.
  • The bonnet hair dryer is patented with direct ion technology that releases massive amount of ions that gives your hair an increased glow while eliminating frizz.
  • The powerful high watts is responsible for speeding up the drying process.
  • The body of the dryer does not get hot so you won’t burn your arms or fingers if accidentally touched.
  • The head cap is comfortable and can fit all types and sizes of rollers and that means you can have a lot wave patterns and curling options.
  • The compact storage case is designed in a way that it can be easily store whether in your drawer or suitcase.
  • The 3 speed-heat settings and cool shot button back up our hair styling precisions.
  • Laila ali hair dryer is efficient in drying wigs and other hair pieces as well.
  • Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer gently dries your hair with even and constant airflow.
  • The adjustable controls with four heat levels let you set your style just the way you like it.

Distinctive Features of Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers

What made the people to switch from sun drying hair to the hair drying machines? Probably the

human mind must have had thought of finding the solution of the problem, but, one is the “mastermind” who generated an idea of creating the “soft bonnet hair dryer”.

Definitely to survive in this competitive market one has to be the “survival of the fittest” and Voila! Soft bonnet hair dryer is one of them. There are some features to be highlighted which makes the soft bonnet hair dryer to stand out among the rests in the market.

  • It works for all hair types and textures to create beautiful hair styles without frizz. Specially African-American hair needs particular care when it comes to drying and styling it.
  • A soft bonnet hair dryer is an effective tool for drying black hair because of its constant, evenly-distributed heat throughout, minimizing the potential for hair damage.
  • Soft bonnet hair dryers are inexpensive as well and will last longer if stored properly in a drawer when not in use.
  • Portable design
  • Features Ionic technology
  • Gentle drying
  • Eliminates hair frizz and adds shine
  • Works for all hair types and textures
  • Great for regular hair drying, deep conditioning treatments and wet set curls
  • Maximum temperature: 149° F
  • Four heat and speed settings (high, medium, low and cool)
  • Flexible 4-ft. hose with easy lock feature
  • 6-ft. power cord
  • Compact case for easy storage and traveling
  • Plugs easily into an AC outlet

Dark Side of Using Laila Ali Hair Dryer

  • Although the cap has elastic bands for loosening and tightening, the head cap itself is quite large and might not work on other head sizes. If you have small head, the tendency is the cap might fall on you every time unless you sit perfectly still.
  • The use of a heat resistant ear caps is advisable on the high temperature setting as the product really release a very high heat emission.
  • It produces quite a noise during the operation.
  • The hose is kind of loose, you have to be mindful not to tip over it while drying hair as it is can be easily detach from the body of the dryer.


laila ali soft bonnet hair dryer
Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer


Bright Side of Using Laila Ali Hair Dryer

  • Comfortable to use Unlike hard bonnet models, you have the freedom to move around during the process. You don’t have to sit still in straight position worried about whether the top cover is gonna come off or not, no not anymore. With soft bonnet, you can relax, watch TV while sitting, or read your favorite books while sipping tea.
  • For healthy hair drying and works with hair treatments this is not something you foreseen doing with your typical blow dryer unless it has heat protectant. It generates a conditioning treatment, opens up your hair cuticle and bathes your hair with nutrients. So whether your hair is relaxed or color treated you can be at ease that soft bonnet hair dryer is drying your hair with utmost care.
  • Ideal for hair styling just bring in the curly hair rollers and this piece of innovative tool will do its job. It also saves your time, it deeply conditions your hair while drying and at the same time the rollers stay in place. Users are impressed with the shiny luster looking curls as a result and unlike other curling tools. It is less likely to tangle.